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Hey everyone!!

I am hoping to join the knights of the holy Eucharist, in Alabama, (if you want more info on them, google them) and i want to be a Priest as well. However, is it really up to them if i get sent off for Priesthood or not? even if i am sincere?? i want to be a Priest so bad, but i fear that they will never send me off. Is this an irrational fear??


In general, if you join an order, ordination to the priesthood is not guaranteed. Orders only ordain as many priests as they need, and it is usually up to the Superior, if he says no ordination, then it’s no ordination.

If you do a search of the forums for anything Br. JREducation has written about secualr vs. religious priesthood, you will find a lot of very useful information.


Depends on the Order, there are 3 main sort of Systems.

  1. You become a Religious and that is the primary vocation, those suitable are then called by the superior to be ordained when the Order has need of priests to say Mass hear confession etc for the other members of the Order or to further its mission. an example of this would be (I am told) the Franciscans

  2. with the clerical orders, such as the Dominicans you enter, with an expectation or a draw towards becoming a Priest or a lay brother. the vast majority of these clerical orders are Priests so entering them you would be likely to be ordianed if you continued to discern that was the call and you and youre superior were satsified that the cal lwas to that Order and to the Priesthood. the Prieesthood is thus a major part of that Order's charism.

  3. The order has no priests actually of its own and is served by a linked Order or local priests etc, this is I belive much less common. Some Orders do not ordain their own clergy but accept already ordained priests . As I said these orders are not as common as the two above.

I dont know of the Order you mention so couldet say which of these systems they subscribe to.


For anyone wondering who they are, they are founded by Mother Angelica!
Here's the website


I have discerned and spoken with them before. I have even met them before, in fact. They are a great bunch of people. One thing that should be noted is they are not a community as of yet. They take vows every single year, from what I have been told. Anyway, so long as you have a high school education (Which you need in order to join anyway) if they feel you are called, they will send you. You would go to Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, I believe. But ultimately it depeonds depends on your calling. One thing I have experienced a lot is fear that I may not get ordained or be allowed to join a community, but through a year and a half of discernment I have learned not to worry. If God calls you to the Priesthood you will be ordained, though it may be tough. If you are called to enter a community so long as you cooperate you will fulfill all the requirements and enter. Trusting is something we struggle a lot with today, but we all need to learn that we can trust no thing more than God. He truly wants what is good for us, and when He wants something for us, we will get it, rain or shine. Though I typically do not like the book of Psalms (Never was one for poetry), there is one verse from there which I recommend memorizing for when you feel worried about your vocation:

“Trust in the Lord for He is good; happy are those who take refuge in him.”

I will pray for you and your discernment. I would recommend contacting the Knights of the Holy Eucharist if you have not done so yet. They will answer any questions you may have and if you are old enough they will plan a visit for you.

May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.


I have, in fact The Brother Guardian, Br. David and the Brothers, especially Br. Juan are good friends!!! I cant wait to leave and join them!! but i want to be a Priest so bad as well!!! please pray for me!!


It is good that you are friends with them. And rest assured that if you truly are called to the Priesthood you will be ordained.


Don´t worry. I am very happy for you. The knights of the holy Eucharist are new and very interesting order. What is more sacred than holy Eucharisty? And the priest is the only person who can bring Jesus to people. So, you will most likely become a priest.
I hope I helped you. :)… and sorry if I wrote something wrong.

Brother in Christ,


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