Religious school grads likelier to have abortions

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Religious school grads likelier to have abortions
New study examines faith’s role in deciding to terminate a pregnancy
updated 1:30 p.m. CT, Mon., June 1, 2009
The killing of an abortion provider on Sunday raises again the extreme potential consequences of the nation’s schism on this topic. It’s a tough issue to reconcile on a personal level too, and a new study on the effects of religiosity on the decision to have an abortion reveals more inconsistencies.

Unwed pregnant teens and 20-somethings who attend or have graduated from private religious schools are more likely to obtain abortions than their peers from public schools, according to research in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

“This research suggests that young, unmarried women are confronted with a number of social, financial and health-related factors that can make it difficult for them to act according to religious values when deciding whether to keep or abort a pregnancy,” said the study’s author, sociologist Amy Adamczyk of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

This part was really interesting

Regarding the impact of the religious involvement of a woman’s peers, Adamczyk found no significant influence. However, Adamczyk did find that women who attended school with conservative Protestants were more likely to decide to have an extramarital baby in their 20s than in their teenage years.

This matches my own experience. The most Christian of girls almost always end up pregnant while many pagan and atheist girls I know decided to wait till marriage.

The 99% effectiveness rate of condoms they where taught was just not safe enough for them.

I would be interested to see if social and financial standing played more of a role in abortion rates than religious schools. Most of these institutions are expensive alternatives to public school and, as such, have a completely different student demographic. It has been my experience that children in “religious” schools come primarily from homes with more money, not necessarily more religion.

Cyberwolf, you either have little experience generalizing the significance of social science research, or are very bad at it.

Your extrapolation that this article reinforces the idea that “pagan and atheist girls wait until marriage, and Christian girls end up pregnant” is a biased hatchet job of loose associations.

To begin, you aren’t even citing the original source. You’re citing an MSNBC article.

You also leave out choice gems like this that completely contradict your conclusions.

“Results revealed no significant link between a young woman’s reported decision to have an abortion and her personal religiosity, as defined by her religious involvement, frequency of prayer and perception of religion’s importance. Adamczyk said that this may be partially explained by the evidence that personal religiosity delays the timing of first sex, thereby shortening the period of time in which religious women are sexually active outside of marriage.”

Do a lit search and summary of the reserach from original peer-reviewed sources, without excluding sources, and then tells us that religious beliefs lead to out of wedlock births, while being atheist or pagan leads to having children within marriage.

Being the anti-Christian person you clearly are, I am surprised you would even hold up out of wedlock births as something to judge and shame women with. That seems pretty ironic to me. Maybe someone should do a study comparing the treatment of mothers who’ve given birth out of wedlock from people like you and from their churches. My experience is that women who have had an out of wedlock birth and later join the Church are treated with respect and love by other Christians.


@ the OP: your signature is interesting. A lot of people don’t realize that the Founding Fathers’ concept of liberalism was very different from modern liberalism. George Washington was, by modern standards, a libertarian. He was also an Episcopal Christian.

I guess this is just another way to bash religions. But that’s totally acceptable in today’s relativistic society.

He was also a Freemason and devoted to it and all of it’s ideals.

This is a good point. I’d also like to know about those poor families that scrimp and save to get there children into a “moral, biblically sound” school. Maybe the stress drives them to have sex?

How is publishing these results anti-Christian?

No I am saying it seems to agree with my own real life encounters growing up in a very religious part of the Bible belt, where I got beat up several times for not loving Jesus and where one Wiccan was almost lynched (However that never made the papers).

To begin, you aren’t even citing the original source. You’re citing an MSNBC article.

You mean like oh I dunno how most on this board people site news sources but don’t always go to the original source but site the news article they first read it on?

Do a lit search and summary of the reserach from original peer-reviewed sources, without excluding sources, and then tells us that religious beliefs lead to out of wedlock births, while being atheist or pagan leads to having children within marriage.

Pardon me, but when did I sign up for a literature class? I only posted an article and judging from the anger in this response it has hit a nerve.

Being the anti-Christian person you clearly are…

I believe you and Bruno might want to read this article by Isaac Bonewits founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) Anti-Christianity” and Who-Hates-Who?

I hope it will be of use to you both.

Well, this obviously just sailed right over your head.

A lit search is a systematic search of peer-reviewed science that is summarized, usually as the introduction to an experiment.

You didn’t quote the part where I pointed out the article you cited directly refuted your conclusions. Wonder why.

An like I said this isn’t school. I posted a news article and agreed parts of it seems to fit what I see day to day. Which by the way is why I didn’t respond to your refutation.

I’ll repeat PARTS, that is to say some of not all, of the article match up with experiences I have.

Is there any difference found among Catholic schools, Jewish schools, various Protestant schools, or Muslim schools?

I’d love the article to go into it but it seemed to focus on Evangelical schools, of course we all know the reputation Catholic school girls have. For my part I can only go by experience, which is not exactly what we’d call Catholic friendly.

?? Not sure we all know what you are talking about here.

This is interesting information. I suspect that social standing might play a large role in this. An unwed pregnancy would be very embarrassing to a young woman in one of these schools. Also, some of the Christian colleges have strict morals clauses. A student caught violating a morals clause could be ousted from the school.

Some of these young people might be under a lot of parental pressure to attend a religious college. Their parents will have shelled out big bucks for them to go. A pregnancy would be a huge shock to Mom and Dad. It would greatly complicate obtaining that all important degree. Their parents’ social status in their church, and among friends and family would be compromised.

Another factor might be that young people in a secular college might be more likely to plan for sexual activity by obtaining contraception ahead of time. A religious young man and woman might have intended to remain chaste, but then have lost control during time alone together, leading to unplanned sexual activity and pregnancy.

Have you never heard of the stereotype of Catholic School girls? Earned or not that is the view many have on them. Personally I think it is overblown.

Agreed. I’ve also wondered if it is affect by how SOME groups use false information like condoms being almost worthless and pre-martial sex = getting pregnant, sick and/or dieing.

When a couple gives in and it doesn’t happen or the use a condom and find they don’t immediately drop dead as some Protestant groups tell you will happen the results are inevitable.

Attending religious schools does not make you perfect just like being a priest does not protect you from stealing, having a lover and teaching falsehoods.

We must be careful with the inoculation mentality that many parents have. If I send my child to a Catholic school they will not be exposed to or as exposed to drugs, sex and other immorality. This is just not true. We live in a secular world and many “Catholic” teachers are more secular than not. We must teach our children the truth and hope and pray they persevere to the end.

I would not be surprised that more “religious” kids are not using contraception when they succumb to temptation and are more likely to get pregnant. ABC is not immoral only because of the intent it is effective in what it tries to do afterall. Not without many consequences, of course.

According to the following article:** “Women at Catholic Schools, Colleges More Likely to Abort”**

That is tragic!:frowning:

Well, if i said it once, i’ll say it again. The truth really really really stinks. Why, well if this the truth then it can’t be refuted. It isn’t anti-religion, or anti-evilmonkey, or anti-(insert what you want here).

This just shows what is showed on a few studies. If this does end up being true, then we can surely learn one easy thing if you don’t want your child to any part of this statistic, then don’t send them to a religious school.

I’m not being anti-anything, its what is shown by the study. I’ll say it again, the truth isn’t pretty, do another study. If it has the same results well something is wrong, because sending people to religious school is supposed to strengthened their faith, and it seems to be doing the opposite.

Well, if this is true. Then I’ll say it again, the truth stinks.

The fault lies with the parents. You can’t expect a Catholic or any other religious school to make your child a Saint. Raising little Saints is primarily the duty of parents, not the parish, not the neighbors, not the school, and certainly not the governement. If a couple send their children to Catholic schools but do not live a Catholic life, you can bet that most of the Catholic values the children are taught in school, remain there and don’t become a part of their lives. I’ve seen countless Catholic students embrace sin even with the approval of their parents! It seemed Catholicism was just a trophy to them and nothing more…

And as we all know, sadly, many Catholic educational institutions are not really “Catholic,” or teaching any Catholic morals, values, or beliefs. Very tragic indeed.

I don’t doubt that it’s true. One very scary thing I’ve noticed about Catholic kids since I started working with them is that they have the idea that they can do anything, including some extremely foolish activities, and continue to remain safe, “because we’re at Church” or “because we’re in a Catholic school.”

I have forbidden my Youth Group kids (teens between the ages of 14-17) from playing a game called “Sardines” because it involves males and females cuddling up together in the dark while hiding from the rest of the kids.

If that isn’t a recipe for trouble, I don’t know what is, but the kids are really upset with me for banning this game, and they tell me, “But we’re in a Church. How could anything bad happen to us, here?”

Seriously - that was their argument. :rolleyes:

Before my conversion when I was working with Protestant kids, it would not have even occurred to them to propose playing a game like that. They understood perfectly the reasons that they were not to stray from my sight at any time, when we were out or when we were doing large group activities.

Not that they were perfect angels, but they understood the safety issues behind the rules, and didn’t assume that being in Church meant that they were so safe that they didn’t have to follow the rules.

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