Religious symbols in the news in Quebec


Le mirage de la Charte, from L'actualite (in French. . .but hey, with Google Translator everything on the net is in every language really).

A pending "charter of values" in Quebec brings up the topic of religious symbols on display.


How would you guys from the US welcome the idea to make Maine's, Vermont's and New York's "small" extension to the north (;)) an American state? America (meaning Canada and the US) would survive even if there was no population who spoke French. Speaking French is okay, but not such a great thing if I consider that it will only be useful when I take that once in a lifetime trip to France. Only to be told by many a French people that they can't quite figure out what I'm saying. This nation was built on its language and religion, you can't be adamant to keep and protect the language and do everything to discredit and undermine catholicicsm. Most of these dimwits don't realize that if it weren't for the "revenge of the cradle", or the fact that there were huge families up to the second half of the 20th century mainly due to the religious context, I wouldn't be around and 90% of the people who drew up the chart or those who support it wouldn't be around either. We redefine near-sightedness. Clutching at straws to make God and religion something of the past is what is happening here. If a nation hinges on two pillars, and you want to preserve this nation at all cost, you have to be out of your mind to want to hold on to one of its pillars for dear life and be intent on getting rid of the second.


I'm not sure if I completely follow, but what I will note is something you note above. Certain cultures, quite frankly, wouldn't exist but for the Church and can't really be discussed without the Church at least being in the background. Even those people in those cultures who stood out in opposition to the Church have no cultural meaning without the Church being the major element in the culture.

Once those cultures cease to have widespread participation in the Church, they cease being themselves and begin to wonder why. Ireland is one such nation. Still overwhelmingly Catholic, it's less Catholic than it once was as that situation develops it starts to be less Irish. Quebec is very much that way. Once overwhelmingly rural, overwhelmingly agrarian, and overwhelmingly Catholic, as the Quebecois have shed all of that they're now distressed to find that you really can't define the culture by the language it speaks. Lots of Moslem Algerians speak French every bit as well as the Qeubecois.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. It's playing out in Ireland as well. And in a lot of other cultures at the same time. Not that this suggest things are hopeless by any means, as that simply wouldn't be true. If the Quebecois are now pondering what makes them that, perhaps they ought to look at their Catholic, agrarian, past.


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