Religious Tags on Profiles


On the old CAF, a poster’s religion could clearly be seen on all their posts next to their profile picture. Is there a way of bringing this back? Are there any plans to do so? This would help people to tell the background of some answers offered by posters.


When you tap on a name it brings up a pop-up profile with their religious affiliation


Well, even on the old CAF, it was only there if a member chose to fill that part out.


The problem has since been made worse by allowing members to hide their profiles.

Also, there is a glitch when I click on a hidden profile. Of course, there is no way to tell that a member has chosen to hide their profile until it has been clicked by a curious user. When I do that on my mobile device, the back arrow doesn’t work, it doesn’t take me back to the thread I was on. I have to go find the thread that I was just on.


Not really sure about the hidden profiles either. It wouldn’t be good if everyone hid their profiles would it? I do like to see a bit about people sometimes. If they write a new post, I sometimes like to see other things they have written. Or check if they have “disappeared” when I haven’t seen them in a while.


I know. I want that more visible though like it was in the old CAF.


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