Religious tattoos

On another sub-forum, the idea was raised to start a thread about religious tattoos. I currently have 2 myself (I only have a picture of relatively poor quality of one of them at this time), an IXOYC (ixthus) on my right bicep and a scroll with Jesus the Messiah in Hebrew (pictured below).

Anyone else out there have religious tattoos and pictures they’d like to share?

God Bless!

My sister has a tattoo of the Sacred Heart on her arm :slight_smile:

I have two; Immaculate Heart of Mary and my wedding rosary around my ankle. They are both VERY special to me.

I plan to get the Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary soon, I’ll post them when I get them. I’m just thinking of placement, probably one on each pec.

I have a rosary wrapped around my right leg just below the knee with a Benedictine style crucifix. Oddly enough, whenever I wear shorts to the gym or while doing martial arts I always get into a conversation that goes something like this…

“Hey, nice tat! What is it?”
“Thanks! It’s a rosary.”
“Oh, wow. Yeah, I used to be Catholic but I stopped going to church when I was a teen.”
“Well, they have Mass at 11 on Sundays and the priest is pretty good. Want to come?”



What a great way to evangelize! :smiley: Lol.

Sometimes I think I talk more about the faith at the gym or the dojo than anywhere else!

That is awesome, Nolan! :thumbsup:

My Immaculate Heart is on my chest so not many get to see it and overall, I am a pretty conservative, homeschooling mom of 2. My Rosary is a week old so I am just starting to get reactions. My family who has seen it is shocked! Even the ones with tats and piercings are throwing Leviticus at me! I got them for my own faith journey but if I can use them for Apologetics and to help bring someone back to our church, I’m down with that!

I don’t have pictures but I have tatoos. My favorite is on my back near the shoulder balde. It is a cross with a flower in the middle. When I saw a similar picture in a tatoo parlour my heart flip in a good way. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so 6 months later I went to a different place, described what I wanted and got it.

6 months later I wanted another one so I got a bird hatching out of an egg on my hip and up above was the full grown bird. The theme was breaking free (that I now think is a big weird)

The last tatoo I got was a flower on my ankle. The kid who did it made it croocked and it looks like a blob. That one I regret. I would love to get another but I think I have pretty well used up my body space without things getting cluttered.

Once I retire and no longer need to worry about my professional image, some tatoo artist is going to make a mint off of me


I don’t have any religious tattoos yet but I plan on getting a religious sleeve on my right arm (after I get my left arm sleeve done).

I’m definitely getting a tattoo of Our Blessed Lady but I haven’t decided which image I like best. I have seen several “Our Lady of Guadalupe” tattoos and they look great! I would consider getting one myself but I don’t think it would look quite right on an Englishman.

If you have any ideas for my future Blessed Mother tattoo please share. Do you know of an image or icon that you think would make a good tattoo?

I was actually considering getting Kyrie Eleison in Greek on the bottom of my left wrist and Christe Eleison on the right. Now the feeling kinda went away lol. Its not because I have a fear of needles, I dont know it something that comes and goes.

I don’t personally have any tatoos, but my Dad got a tatoo of the symbol of the Secular Franciscan Order - a Tau cross (in the shape of a letter T) with two arms crossed in front, one (bare) arm is that of Christ and one (wearing a sleeve) is that of St Francis of Assisi.

It looks good on him, but tatoos aren’t my style.

I think the Our Lady of Guadalupe is appropriate on any faith believer. But if you don’t think it’s for you, Our Lady of Fatima is beautiful or Our Lady with the Sacred Heart. Best wishes!

I think the Our Lady of Guadalupe is appropriate on any faith believer.

I think Our Lady of Guadalupe is a very beautiful image but I read somewhere that it is considered a national symbol of Mexico and that a lot of Mexicans associate the image with Mexican pride. However, I know that Our Lady of Guadalupe is patroness of the Americas. Do Americans have a strong devotion to Our Blessed Mother because of this?

Mexicans have the strongest devotion to Our Lady of Guadelupe. I think she was seen more as a patroness of Mexico, until Pope John Paul II came & said she was the patroness of all Americas.

Hi. I want to share with you some of my ideas. I’m planning now to get a tattoo. Well, I want to do it on some invisible part…Could you advise any? Maybe chest? So, I really want to do these praying hands… What do you think? Should I do it? Some people very aggressive to religious people and I a little bit scared. But for me this tattoo would mean a lot…

I’ve been thinking and imagining a possible sleeve of such for myself. Our Lady, St. Michael, a crucifix, a Rosary.

I’ve been stockpiling images and such.

I don’t have any, but if i did, it would be the Crucified Lord on my arm.

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