I noticed something odd about that web sight. Yes, I am a Protestant but do you notice they give LITTLE, if any, criticism towards The Seventh Day Adventist Religion but seem to smear The Roman Catholic Religion?
Is my perception is wrong?
Religious tolerance never mentioned the “whore Babylon” theory held by The Adventists, BUT claims they, The Adventists, have the highest number of members who are college educated.

Anti-catholicism runs high in the country. It’s “politically correct.” If any other faith is spoken against in the way catholicism is, it’s called a hate crime. Yet it doesn’t seem to be if it is against the catholic church. Strange, but true.


I actually found them pretty even-handed. The info I saw indicates that they (there are 5 of them) “follow five different theological beliefs (Agnosticism, Atheism, Christianity, Wicca, and Zen Buddhism)”.

If you read through the various statements of their philosophy and raison d’etre, I think they are sincerely vested in the concept by which the site is titled.

Many years,


I found this website to be a pretty level playing field. I got a resource on the Unification Church to help a fellow member learn a thing or two about that Church.

Hey Lily,

Maybe if you could be more specific? I went there and didn’t see anything that popped out at me. Where exactly in the site were you?

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