Religous Debates

First off I just want to say that I will probably be posting alot of questions so sorry if you see a whole bunch from me. But I was wondering why don’t some of our Trained Catholic Apologists debate Muslims more often. I feel like its always Protestants who step up and challenge them. Not that its entirely bad, they are defending Christianity. But they are also attracting convinced Muslims to one of their sects. But I feel like we should really try to reach out to them more. I mean they are the second biggest religion. Imagine the amount of converts we would have. I dont know. I know that I should also step and starting debating muslims online and stuff. But I just like debates with big crowds and audiences. What do you guys think? Why is it always Protestants that debate Muslims and very rarely Catholics.

I believe it was Scott Hahn who recalled a time he was suppose to dabate Muslim scholar. The met ahead of time to discuss the debate. Scott could not carry on a conversation. They will call you a blasphemer if you day something like “God the Father”"

Just as one Christian scholar isn’t going to speak as a representative for all Christians, one Imam is hardly going to be representative of all Muslims.

I guess I see that. But I mean debates can influence alot of people. I dont know I just think it would be good.

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