Reliquary Pendants?


I’ve heard of people wearing a sacred relic in a locket or pendant. Is this acceptable? And if so, how can one get such a locket or pendant? I imagine its a special type of reliquary, yes? :confused:


I used to have a St. Therese medal with a 3rd class relic on it.

but I’ve never heard of someone wearing it. I don’t think 1st class relics are allowed to be sold to the public.



My mother has a jewelled cross pendant with a 2nd-class (a stone from the Temple Mount, the site of Jesus’ presentation) relic in it. The funny thing is, she’s a Protestant. She also has a crucifix I gave her.

Also, there are stores that sell medals with 2nd- or 3rd-class relics in them.


What i know is that 1st and 2nd class relics are not to be sold. Someone gave my brother a medal of 3rd class relic of Bl. Alfonso Fusco. He wore it under his shirt but stopped wearing it and he placed it on our mini altar.


Thanks for the responses thus far, but it seems my initial question wasn’t quite clear, so I’ll make it rather blunt:

I have a first class relic which I would like to put in a locket or pendant. Is this possible? Do such lockets/pendants exist that relics can be stored and preserved in?

I’m not trying to buy a relic, which I know is simony, but only the locket to contain one that is already in my possession.



Maybe you can get something like this… (see link)… and have it blessed, specifically to use as a “reliquary pendant”?

I don’t know the etiquette of wearing a relic, though. Like the others… I’ve never heard of this being done myself. :shrug: I also have two 3rd class relics (St. Therese and Ven. Fr. Solunus Casey). But have never considered wearing them.

Here’s the link. Hope it helps.


They don’t sell the relics themselves, but the medals to which they are attached.


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