Relocating to Dallas


Hi Everyone!
Need some help from anyone in the Dallas area. We will be relocating in one month. I am interested in recommendations for traditional Catholic churches/communities/home school groups/etc. My husband’s corporate headquarters is in Addison but he has permission to work from home. Thanks for the help!



The Mater Dei Latin Mass Community meets at 6:30 A.M. Monday thru Friday and 8:00 A.M. on Saturdays at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church 6306 Kenwood Ave. Dallas, Texas 75214. They meet on Sunday at another location.



**You are so lucky! :smiley: I would love to live in Texas!!! Went to college there for awhile and really liked it there!! Good luck!

Sorry I am not of much help:blush: **



Here is the link to the Dallas Diocese:

I hope this helps. I am about two hours away from Dallas so I am not much help. Addison is a nice town & there are a lot of great subburbs; Keller, Southlake Carol, Frisco,Plano, Flowermound.

Hope you have a safe move. I think you will love it here in Texas. It is finally cooling off so hopefully, you will have nice weather for your move! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Texas - you’re going to love the DFW (Dallas -Ft. Worth) area!

Depending on far you want to drive, or not, and if you have kids, I highly suggest St. Ann Catholic Church in Coppell. We drive at least 25 miles and thirty minutes to get there and don’t mind - it is that wonderful. Conservative, very faith-filled, and the religious education programs are phenomenal, especially the Life Teen if you have teenagers.

The cost of living in Coppell, Addison, Southlake is expensive - property taxes are a killer, as is Dallas county. Try to live in Denton County - lower taxes for property and insurance. We live in Roanoke, which is near Keller, wonderful growing area as is Keller; Flower Mound is great as well. We moved to Denton county in part for lower taxes and insurance. The Northwest ISD where we live is the #1 school distrcit in the state, too.

You can get on a highway anywhere in the areas I mentioned, though if you do need to drive to Addison, it may take a while.

Good luck - God bless, ya’ll!


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