Relocating to Denver and need good Catholic school near downtown



We are trying to relocate to the Denver area from Kansas City, where my extended family lives. While we love KC, as our young family grows, we are finding the long drive on I-70 from KC to Denver to be less and less fun.

A division of my husband's company has offices in downtown Denver near Coor's Field. In looking at neighborhoods in Denver, our three biggest priorities are that they be affordable (we are solidly middle income), close to DH's work (he'd love to be able to bike to work in good weather), and have a good, fairly orthodox, Catholic school. Here in KC we live within walking distance of my kindergartner's fantastic Catholic school and we find that proximity to be a blessing in so many ways.

Thank you so much for any leads you can give me.


Hi! I don't live in Denver, but we're trying to move there...well, one day. :) If you're not familiar with Denver and its surrounding areas, I suggest you check out this website first. Check out their Denver boards, as they will tell you which areas to stay away from. Good luck on the move and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


One more thing. Here's a link to the Catholic church downtown. We've been there many times while we were in Denver.


Here's a list of Catholic schools in the Denver area.


I'm in Denver! Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School is a Pre-K-8 school that has a great reputation around Colorado. I've never been there, but I have friends who went there and they loved it! As for high schools, Bishop Machebeuf Catholic High School and JK Mullen High School are good, though Mullen is very focused on athletics and pretty far from actual Downtown.

Good luck and welcome to Denver! The weather is AMAZING this time of year. :)


When we thought we were relocating to Denver I researched schools and neighborhoods extensively. Walking to school was a priority and an affordable house that was a decent size was also very important (hard to find in the area around St. Vincent de Paul - was very interested in that school but could not afford a house that worked for us within walking distance). I chose St. Mary’s in Littleton - there is a neighborhood across the street with very nice affordable homes, the lightrail is close (goes right through Littleton), and Littleton has a nice town center area. If you google the address of the school and look at an aerial map, I think you’ll see what I mean about where the houses are that I was considering.

We never moved, and are still happily living across the street from our current church and school :).


My husband and I live in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver. It’s a very “up and coming” neighborhood, and while the areas directly surrounding the 32nd and Lowell strip are getting pretty pricey, there are other neighborhoods (Potters Highlands and Sunnyside) which may be more affordable.

Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church has a school you might want to check out, it’s located right in the middle of these neighborhoods. Here’s a map of the parish/school location; the surrounding neighborhoods to the east are the Potters and Sunnyside neighborhoods. The neighborhoods to the west of Federal Blvd., are the Highlands proper.,+Denver&sll=39.755436,-105.024379&sspn=0.008347,0.01929&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=4200+Federal+Blvd,+Denver,+Colorado+80211&ll=39.772527,-105.018997&spn=0.01669,0.038581&z=15

My husband and I don’t have kids, but we hear great things of St. Catherine’s School…you can learn more at their website at

And as for your husband being able to bike to Coors Field, Denver’s the perfect spot. Very biker-friendly. And these neighborhoods are only a mile or two from Coors Field.

Good luck!


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