Relocating to Denver area - need advice

My good friend is relocating to the Denver area from the St. Louis area. Her hubby is starting his job next week (she just found out about the move last week!), and she doesn’t know anything about the area. Ideally, they would look to move in August. :eek: This is all happening so quickly for them.
Does anybody have any adivce on any good schools (preferrably Catholic), active parishes, or family friendly neighborhoods in the Denver area? They are a young family with young children (2 yrs, 4 yrs, and 6 yrs.) and are open to living in the suburbs too.
Thanks for all your help!

I know nothing about the Denver, co area. But I do know of a website.

I hope its not against the rules…

It REALLY depends what part of town he is working in.

South - Highlands Ranch are, there are good Catholic Schools there, nice neighborhoods, more expensive area of the city.

Central - Old Buckley Air Force Base. Good and bad parts, is close to some bad areas of Denver, although Denver bad areas are nothing compaired to St. L, don’t remember the name of the Catholic schools there, although they are good.

North - You have the Jesuit Schools in Westminster. Westminster has a variety of neighborhoods, some good some bad, these schools are well know to be good, although I did have to contact the head master about a group of kids that were volunteering at Share
Colorado being pains to a 78 year old lady that worked there and their teachers/sponsors were no where to be found. That is really my only experience with them, I have heard great things about them though.

Personally, I wouldn’t go Central unless I couldn’t afford to live elsewhere. I would choose North or South depending on where I was working in the city. I used to commute from Littleton to Brighton every day, not a fun commute, thankfully I set my own hours so I could avoid rush hours.

My family has always lived in Westminster, no offense to anyone out there, although if they are uppity/class concious they probably wouldn’t be impressed with Westminster.

Colorado Springs is a great place (if he’s willing to commute). There is a large Christian population, though primarily Protestant, but nice. District 20 is a very good school district.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I second the poster above, where will the husband be working? Based off that then you can research and look into a place to live.

Personally, I live in Highlands Ranch and I love it. I know of a couple active parishes and catholic schools. My husband’s parish is amazing (and that is coming from a Lutheran). They are very active and have great outreach and programs.

Again it really depends on where your friend’s husband will be working. The Traffic in and around Denver can be hellish during rush hour so you want to at least be on the side of the city that he is working on. If he is in the Tech Center…go south to the Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Littleton Area. If he’s Downtown, the northern suburbs are probably best.

My sister and her family moved to Monument to kind of get away from some of the problems in the Springs. It is not a bad place to live, although it has it’s pockets. Some of the protestant population in the springs is against Catholicism, not all, but I can name at least 5 private social work jobs I didn’t get because I couldn’t pass their statement of faith :eek:

Plus it is a long commute and somewhat dangerous in the winter to have a father of a family drive daily for work IMHO. I am not one in favor of having a dad away from the home due to a commute.

Just my opinion though.

ETA: My husband just reminded me why we would never go to mass again in the Springs. Last time we went, we went to the St. Mary’s Cathederal and the priest referred to God as “him or her”. Took every ounce of will my DH had not to get up and walk right out of mass!! He wrote the Bishop and we never heard anything back, we pray that this priest was corrected. :thumbsup:

My best friend from childhood lives in HR and their daughters go to the catholic schools there, they love it.

I lived in Littleton and went to St. Mary’s it was a very nice and friendly parish also. I think they had an elementary school, although I wasn’t looking at parish schools so :shrug:

Thank you all for the help. It is so hard to move on such short notice, and the advice you’ve given may help them get settled easier. I believe there truly are angels on the internet… Thanks again

Well, I agree with the location if you’re going to Denver every day, don’t live in Colorado Springs, because you’ll never get there in the winter. But that seems unfair to eliminate all masses at all parishes in the city because of one unorthodox priest… I know the 4 years I lived there Fr. John at St. Francis wasn’t like that. Neither were the priests at St. Patrick’s if I slept in and had to go at 5 PM :o I doubt Bishop Sheridan let him get away with that, that seems a bit unusual in my experience.

I’m not sure where to live in Denver though I wish I had gone once to the cathedral downtown. oops. Now I’m stuck with a cathedral with a round altar and no kneelers :mad:

Do you know what area of Denver your job is? That is really the deciding factor of where to live in Denver.

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