Remain 53 percent, Leave 46 percent - ORB poll on UK's EU referendum


**Remain 53 percent, Leave 46 percent - ORB poll on UK’s EU referendum

Support for Britain remaining in the European Union stood at 53 percent with support for quitting the bloc at 46 percent, according to a poll by ORB for the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The newspaper said this represented an eight-point net reversal from last week, when Leave held a one-point lead among definite voters with 49 per cent to "Remain’s 48 per cent.

(Reporting by Estelle Shirbon; Editing by Elisabeth O’Leary)**


That must be wrong.

There is usually a large unsure percentage, maybe 10%.


This is a poll result among definite voters.


Another poll released today:

Latest YouGov / The Times EU referendum voting intention: Remain 42%, Leave 44%, Don’t know 9%

I’ve seen some other polls though and I think there is a trend in favour of Remain… but things may go either way in the end.


Should a simple majority vote determine such a momentous decision?


Of course, that’s democracy after all.

Whatever way it falls, I will accept the democratic will of the people.


From what I’m hearing this morning, there does seem to be a strong last minute move towards remaining in the EU as people think seriously about their futures, jobs, etc.

Like the Scotland referendum which did seem as if it was going the way of secession, but the end result was a definite “stay”. Head triumphs over heart in the end.

Ex-pat Brits (e.g. those who have moved here to NZ) are largely Brexiters. But these tend to be older people who have a nostalgia for pre-EU Britain, which I can relate to.
I suspect if I was British, I’d be a Brexiter, but that’s an indication that I’m not young!

In my head, though, I believe it would be a big mistake not to stay in the EU.


I’ll say prayers that Leave wins.


It’s good to hear that God is now a Brexiter :rolleyes:


Me too, I think it’s best for the EU future. They need serious reform which won’t happen without a forcing function.


Sadly, all I have really learned from politicians and journalists in the run-up to the vote is that very few of either species have much objectivity or integrity, which makes it difficult to come to any conclusions.


Observing this from afar, I have to wonder when did they become a full EU member anyway? I thought they had always kept ‘Europe’ at a distance and that’s why they continue to use their own currency and not the Euro and that that quasi-membership worked well for everyone, that is, they had the best of both worlds. When did that change?


It didn’t.


Britain’s future in the EU


The UK is not part of the Schegen agreement even as a current member of the EU, so these would be illegal migrants regardless of whether the UK is in or out. UKip seems to focussing on the naughty Poles again as part of their campaigning. Nauseating stuff.


Even though these people are on the left, they still do a good job of pointing out the damage the EU has done to Britain


Oh gosh! Could this be a first on CAF? A “conservative” American endorsing something that “the left” has produced! Nearly as exciting as the referendum itself! :smiley:


Aren’t the Poles harder working than the average Brit?


Some are, some aren’t. The point I was making is that there is a merry-go-round of scapegoats and the one who gets vilified pretty much depends on when the music stops.


From what I see things are so frenzied in this Brexit battle it is hard to separate the truth from the lies, but some are claiming there is a slight last minute upswing toward Leave - the EU is saying no more negotiations for Britain on terms of membership. David Cameron has condemned Remain’s comparison of the goals/policies of the Leave campaign to the…yes, you guessed it…Nazis.

I put the chances to win at: Remain 55% - Leave 45% - I do not rule out a surprise; I don’t think anyone knows how many will vote, and whose side will come out. In the Scottish referendum the “stays” had it all along - when Cameron and the Tories won re-election everyone was stunned so many people voted Tory but told pollsters differently. Impossible to call.

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