Remain isolated or restart the economy?

There is an important debate under way about the isolation we are currentlysubject to and the need to restart the economy. It is argued that every human life is important and that we should follow the recommendations of medical science regarding social distancing. The flip side of the argument is that this will lead to the ultimate collapse of the economy and civilization as we know it, leading to many more lives being lost.

Where do you stand on this issue? Should we all return to work ASAP or remain in our homes indefinitely?

Well, great question. I hope this.does not get political. May we keep this in the religious realm. Every country is different but when it comes to the economy or our lives, I choose life. Again, out here in California the Atheist Right that is on the radio bluntly talks about sacrificing the old for the sake of the Economy.

The issues with the Economy aren’t all because of Covid. We have a debt bubble because of cheap money and a labor problem because of technological innovations. I don’t think either American Party is at first acknowledging the problem much less are they addressing it.

I hope this is not too much of a stretch but this whole Covid thing may be God’s way of waking up humanity to what is valuable. The basics are valuable religion, family, and food. This may be a rough lesson but consumerism is vanity.


Once the curve is flattened and medical resources are no longer over stretched, that’s the time to slowly, slowly, slowly open the windows. It will have to happen slowly so as not to overwhelm the hospitals though. If there’s a two week period between infection and symptoms that will have to factor into how quickly or slowly go forward.


I am NOT an expert but I would say start gradually reopening May 1st. Keep testing keep everything needed ready.


No idea. I’m not an expert in it, and I don’t think anyone else is either, because no one has had the time to become an expert in it.


One thing to remember, look at the numbers. More than 80 percent of people are working, in fact unemployment is not even 11 percent. The rest of us are going to work every day.

More of our local restaurants are opening back up for take out. Businesses are starting to make different products, a distillery here switched to making hand sanitizer.

We have had economic problems before, most recently the recession of just a decadeish ago. Our 401Ks took a big hit, some of us lost everything, and then it came back.

God is still on the throne.

Do not worry!


I am not too sure about that, since all but 'essential services" are closed. I expect the actual uneployment figures to be much higher, but i would have to check first.


I notice less cars on the way to work. 18 mile drive or so, I may see 8. Very slow day, 2 or none. Not much different since I see about 10 usually. Really busy day, 25.
Many businesses have “made themselves essential”. Hobby Lobby remains open because, “They supply mask-making materials”.
I am an essential worker in a different industry, so yup, still working six, and seven day weeks sometimes. Even a worldwide pandemic won’t give “us” a week off.
Pray for everyone.
Dominus vobiscum


The Covid19 cases in my county continue to climb.

And yet, we can’t stay closed forever.

There’s no risk-free way live.


Department of Labor March numbers, lower than I expected!

Well that is a blessing that you are needed and able to continue to get paid for your work. I hadn’t thought about the mask making with Hobby Lobby , silly me I just thought it was to let people continue to do their crafts and stay busy at home to keep their minds off of the virus.


I don’t think the economy ‘collapsing’ would lead to the loss of our civilization. After all the black plague didn’t lead to the loss of civilization in Europe and that was far worse than what we’re going through. If it did ‘collapse’ (i.e. enter a depression) we’d get through it eventually. Would many be hurt in the process? Yes. But we must not let apocalyptic fervor take over.


The economy has not stopped, so restarting it is not an issue. Yes, there are problems with unemployment, a large amount of perceived value in mutual funds, 401ks, IRAs, and so forth has been lost, but the economy is still operating.

Where did you hear this? I submit that your sources are misinforming you if this is what they are saying.


This is in refernece to my previous post about the collapse of whatever. Let’s just look at a couple of issues.

Freedom of religion - for the first time in 800 years churches all over the world are closed by a government regulation.

Freedom of assembly - forbidden by governments (Sweden is the onle exception)

Freedom of speech - this problem predates the virus, but generally we are allowed to say only what is permitted. Some things, like “China virus” are now verbotten. Generally, we are allowed to say only what other people like to hear.

I did not hear this from anyone. I still have the ability to think.

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It’s a balancing act-working with a great deal of unknowns. If we all die that will lead to the ultimate collapse of the economy and civilization as we know it too. :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:

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These freedoms are declared but the US bill of Rights, so, they would not apply to other countries. The other countries have their own Constitutions.

Also, in the US these rights are not absolute. For instance I am not free to assemble with 30 other people on your front lawn. I am not free to speak liable or defaming things, I cannot tell FIRE in a crowded building.

Every religion I know of is practicing, every believer is practicing their faith. We are advised not to gather in large groups, practice of religion does not require large groups.


I doubt this is an extinction event, but I agree that it’s a balancing act…

non sequiturs

It was primarily the economy. Which makes the rest of this kind of a non sequitur.

Not entirely accurate. In the US at least, I am not aware that any governments ordered churches closed. The decision was made by the various bishops. The various governments made temporary emergency rules limiting the number of people in a group, but did not, at least immediately, say any specific place had to close. Some additional closures came later, but I am still unaware of any US federal, state, or local government ordering churches to close. Kind of like what happened during the Spanish Flu pandemic actually. How many churches closed then? And a lot of churches closed during the Black Death in the 1300s (less than 800 years ago).

I certainly can’t find any government regulation that prevents anyone saying “China virus”. Can you quote a reference? And social shaming is not censorship. You are perfectly free to say anything you like (with certain limited exceptions such as incitement to riot or conspiracy to overthrow the government) without fear of being arrested for it in the US. You may have to defend yourself from someone taking offense at what you might say, but that is not government in action.

Nope. Just limited as to numbers.

I think I will just leave this right were it is.


“Kentucky Governor Threatens to Disperse Church Services” This is from Bloomberg Law.


Federal judge denies church’s bid to hold Easter service despite coronavirus stay-home orders

This would be a rare occassion of state government enforcing church recommendation. N’est-ce pas?

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