Remain isolated or restart the economy?

Information about the virus and its cause, as well as statistics are becoming more and more muddled and confusing. There are so many "“experts” giving so much contraditory information that it is difficut to follow and believe anything.

Are we stil to believe that this is a global health criist, or has this become a global economic crisis?


Exactly. What I find interesting it that those who tell us that we must, absolutely MUST trust science, and only science; when the science they side with says that “we are faced only with a black and white choice of shutting down for months on end and that if we do not, billions will die and those who don’t comply simply want others to die and are responsible for murder”, don’t also look at the science that goes against what they are saying, particularly when that science they don’t agree with comes from well respected medical professionals and institutions.

Edit: and the massive “do what I say and not what I do - watch the other hand” morons out there, Chris Cuomo, among others, goes out while infected with COVID on bike rides and belittles people for “getting in his way and being outside” and going to his vacation home and then going on TV and essentially stating that if you go out you are a murderer.

Or Illinois governor Pritzker, whose wife went down to Florida because she “needed a vacation to visit family” while the rest of us rubes are told to stay in another month and will be fined if we go outside without a mask on.

Or the truly evil Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, in a press conference, when asked about her going to get a haircut, and CAUGHT, proceeded to fester like an open sore, ripped back at the reporter and told them that “she IS the face of TV and she must look good, and because she takes her hygiene seriously, and she FELT like she NEEDED a haircut, it was OKAY”. Now the rest of you go home, shut up, and do what I tell you.


Whoever says that is not actually following the science. There is no one correct response to the situation; it depends on local conditions. Of course the effects of travel between areas has to be accounted for as well.

Yeah, those folks need to be called out and practice what they preach. Not sure how widespread that really is, so “massive” may or may not be accurate.

To be fair, there are some that are practicing what they preach.

What I’m talking about is that when John Hopkins says “x” and the NIH says “y” and x and y contradict, who are you to believe. I’m not talking about situational stats. So when two or more highly respected institutes or doctors or scientists come out with studies or science that contradict each other, then what happens is that the “stay inside forever crowd” sides with the “science” that aligns with them, and ignores the other studies.


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