Remake of Halloween - Horrible!

Last night (Saturday) I went to the movies with some friends who were set on seeing the new Halloween directed by Rob Zombie, which is a remake of the original 1978 horror “classic”. I really did not want to see it but there wasn’t much of an alternative, I thought. And I had already seen a few others films that were still playing, so I figured I could sit through it this time, having seen the original. :shrug:

Boy, was I in for a shock! :eek: It was the most extremely violent, gory and foulmouthed film I’ve seen in a long time. I mean it wasn’t that surprising but IMO this movie crossed the line of gratutious violence and sexual content. :mad: Anyone else have the unfortunate opportunity to see it? I hope not.

Rob Zombie… 'Nuff said to warn me away from seeing this. He made one other movie in the late 90’s and it was just as bad as what you’re saying this one is.

My best buddy, Cam, sweet talked me and another friend, Chris, in to going to see it with him. Chris and I sat next to each other and spent more than half the movie exchanging horrified disgusted looks. It wasn’t a bit scary…just uncalled for blood, sex and violence. From the very start it was horrible, some people in our row got up and left half way through. Both Chris and I were relieved when the credits started rolling. Cam loved it…but he’s weird anyways :rolleyes:

That’s a shame. I thought this remake might be pretty good, but I guess not. Too bad.

I always liked Donald Pleasance’s character in the old-school ones (as the killer’s psychiatrist). Was Malcolm McDowell at least good in the role?

I thought the psychiatrist was pretty good until the end…then he got kind of pathetic at the end.

Yes, Malcolm McDowell is usually very good, and I thought he did well in the role until, as you say the end, when the character became a little weak. But I’m surprised he would be part of this movie, a man of his talent should have passed on it.

I see that unfortunately, the movie broke box office records for Labor day weekend.

I thought it sounded interesting when I first heard about it a few months ago. Then i heard the name Rob Zombi come up and I knew it would be gory trash.
The orginal, while it didn’t scare me (it takes a lot to scare me), was good.
It’s too bad that it broke weekend records. Americans seem to be attracted to the trashy movies:confused:

He actually made two. House of 1000 Corpses, and The Devil’s Rejects.

A friend of mine is a Zombie fan, he liked Corpses, hated Rejects. Said Halloween wasn’t as funny as he thought it would be (a joke on his part).

I think so many people probably went to see it because its Halloween…people wanted to see how it stood up to the original. At least thats the only reason I allowed myself to be suckered into seeing it. I haven’t seen either of Zombie’s other films simply because Rob Zombie himself scares me…the thought of seeing a movie created from his warped mind is unsettling.

Sounds like the typical lack of originality in Hollywood is getting worse. There have been too many remakes of old movies.

Let’s see if I can figure out a mathematical formula for this:

2 x the ticket cost to watch the same movie remade with 1/2 the skill and 2 x the smut/gore/profanity/vulgarity = 1 irate customer in me.

This seriously surprised you?

Not that surprised really. I just didn’t think it was going to be that bad.:shrug:

Sometimes remakes are pretty good. I liked the new version of “The Omen,” and although I’m one of the few people one earth who’ll say this, I really liked the new Nicole Kidman “Invasion,” (remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”). I would’ve thought this “Halloween” would be good, especially since it was Zombie’s opportunity to break into making mainstream commercial horror movies rather than gore-fests, if only he’d toned down the gore here. The whole thing really sounds like an opportunity wasted.

Not a surprise to me and I really could care less. Looks like a typical remake of a low budget 80s slasher movie-turned-franchise. And it looks like we’re in for another dozen sequels :rolleyes: But hey, Halloween had less sequels then either Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just gonna ignore it and am not gonna waste my time or my breath complaining about it and get on with life.

Seen it, like it even more than the original.

Are they going to do a remake of “Halloween III - Season of the Witch”?

That one really stunk the first time around; I wonder how much worse they can make it.

Remakes aren’t always bad. Evidently the remake of 3:10 to Yuma is pretty good - some are talking Oscar for it. I love Christian Bale and Russell Crowe and I love Westerns. I may have to check it out.

I’m a reg on a horror movie web site which is full of hard core horror fans. And they said the same thing. some even joked ( some i think were serious) About sueing rob ombie for their money back. apprantly one of them saw the test screening and he said there were a lot more nudity in it even a very violent and sadistic rape scene. But was cut because they were pushing for a R rating.

Oh ya the movies are often satanic.

Honestly, can it be of little surprise that after seeing the recent remake of the movie about the kid Damian who is the anti christ my girlfriend of the time ran off with someone else and I started having nightmares about her and the need to pray for her.

The devil loves to stick it to you. But I’ll get a piece of him eventually.

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