Remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still

Is this new or did I miss something? Just saw advertised on FOX for Sunday night. Can it possibly be as good as the original (my all-time favorite sci-fi movie) with Michael Renne and sidekick Gort? Klatu Barada Nikto, y’all…

Keanu Reeves is playing Klaatu, which I can see working well enough, but I hear they turned the point of the story from ‘you guys have nukes and are starting to get into space so we’re just covering our butts’ to ‘you guys are screwing up your own planet and we’re here to care about it, by our powers combined we are Captain Universe’ or something like that. I’ve got pretty low expectations for this.

Well, THAT’S a bummer. I’ll watch it anyway, and pick it apart if necessary…

I’m a fan of the original, too.

Have every confidence the new one will look better but be worse.

I’ll give it a miss unless someone I trust reccomends it.

Yeh, the original was sure a Sci-Fi classic. Still watchable after all these years. Now they make it more politically correct, I’m sure. Maybe Al Gore has a stake in it. The planet is getting warmer-- ooohhhh. :rolleyes:

It turns out that what FOX had advertised for Sunday night was a 10 minute exerpt of the movie that’s coming out in December. I didn’t see anything recognizeable in it, but the plot wasn’t clear from the short exerpt so couldn’t tell how they’d rearranged. It’s sure pretty slick.

I don’t keep up with movies much, but have they remade “Invasion From Mars”? Another good old Sci-Fi!

There are some movies which should not be remade. This is one of them. They’re probably going to load it with computerized special effects.

Instead maybe they should remake movies like “Plan 9 From Mars” and “Santa Claus v. Martians”.

“Plan 9 From Outer Space” could do with a re-make - it was not well-made to begin with :slight_smile: ; Ed Wood was always having budget problems.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” is perfect as it is - why fix what ain’t broken ? The 2002 re-make of “The Time Machine” has its moments, but it’s inferior to the earlier colour version - this too will probably be inferior to the film it’s based on :frowning: Why not leave well alone ? Or, at most, re-create the film in a colour version ?

Just watch the trailer, and I think you’ll find that watching the movie won’t be necessary.

I’ve got a friend who pays a LOT of attention to new films before they come out – he sells and collects movie memorobelia – and he’s told me some of the things he’s found and it just made me laugh. THIS is going to be a waste of celluloid, or more likely a severely unnecessary inconvenience of electrons, since its probably shot digitally.

Gort. Clat-too barata nik-to. Remember that? Yup, those were the days. Was not Mat Dillion from Gunsmoke, Gort? As I remember, they had one Gort with the zipper in the front and one in the back. Depending on the shot.

There really aren’t ANY movies which should be remade :nope: - what happened to coming up with original ideas?

Oh yes, and some of the writing was unforgetable… “All you of earth are idiots!”


I think it has been colorized, although I have not seen such a DVD. Rge original, of course, could be improved simply by better special effects to make them seamless.

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