Remebering Fr. Nicholas Gruner

I have been reading a lot of about his devotion to Our lady of Fatima and Her message. Fr. Gruner it seems pent a lot of time archiving the testimonies of other preists who had been in contact with Sr. Lucia; in particular Fr Fuentes and Fr. Alonso who was the archivist of Fatima. Has Fr. Gruner’s legacy touched you in any way?

I became familiar with Fr. Nicholas Gruner after discovering the “Fatima Crusader” about 30 or so years ago, at a time when there was a lot of confusion in the Catholic Church at least in our country. Feminists seemed to have had much control of things at that time. For example, some of the nuns in charge of various ministries like the Detention Ministry were heavily involved in creation spirituality and New Age stuff mixed in. The teachings of the Church at that time, were not being taught very clearly…that is all in the past. Things have changed very much for the better. Anyway, at that time, the “Fatima Crusader” put out by Fr. Nicholas Gruner looked very appealing at first with the beautiful traditional Catholic pictures and recommended readings from many of the old traditional books. But after months, maybe a couple of years, of reading the Fatima Crusader, it I became skeptical of Fr. Gruner and some of the other contributors because they were attacking priests and bishops that I respected and knew to be faithful, such as the late Fr. Robert Fox, whom I first knew from the Blue Army Magazine. If there was an authority on Fatima that I trusted, it was Fr. Robert Fox. Eventually I learned that Fr. Nicholas Gruner had his priestly faculties removed. I believe my intuition was right.

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