Remember 77 Sunset Strip?

I turned on our fairly new local broadcast, not cable station Channel 48 and there is was. Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Cooky Burns…It was amazing! And still in black and white. Other than the Sox game nothing else much caught my interest.

Are you a fan?

I just saw an episode tonight. Interesting enough, for the first time I saw it.:cool:

Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb.

I vaguely remember this, not because I ever watched it (I was only 5 when it started and 11 when it ended) but because my Mom watched it and always talked about it.

“Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!” I’m dating myself here, but then everyone should know by now I’m OLD. LOL! I’m not sure exactly how old I was when that was a new show, but not far from being a teen. I liked “Kookie” and one of my cousins liked “Roger”.

Which Sox? Red or White?

There’s only one at my house and it’s GO,GO, WHITE SOX!!:smiley:

Thanks for the post! I loved this show when I was a kid. It was the absolute essence of coolness back then. The theme song was great: 77 Sunset Strip (finger snap, finger snap). 77 Sunset Strip (finger snap, finger snap). I liked Effrem Zimbalist Jr. more than Kookie but it was a close call.

But who played Roger? This had been driving me crazy since I first read this post. (and it’s not a far drive, people) He was married to Ann Margaret. I can see his face! What WAS his name? :confused:

Duh! Nobody played Roger! Roger played Jeff Spencer. Roger Smith was the actor who played the character Jeff Spencer. Sheesh. I should have googled this before. :shrug:

Ok…I can sleep tonight now. :thumbsup:

Remember, is your friend :smiley:

It has allowed me to sleep when all else failed.

I hope to remember this! “Remember” is the key word here. :eek: Ok…into my Kookie cool mode… :cool:

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