Remember Before You Vote Not to Sin

Election is coming up soon. Many are voting early now. Just remember before you vote to not sin while voting.

If you vote for a candidate who supports an intrinsic evil because they support that intrinsic evil, then that is a grave sin.

It could also be a grave sin if you vote for a candidate who supports an intrinsic evil in spite of them supporting that intrinsic evil without a proportionate reason.

Remember that abortion is defined as the murder of innocent unborn babies by the Catholic Church. More than 600,000 babies are legally murdered every year because of abortion. If you vote for any candidate who supports abortion, you must have a proportionate reason for doing so. Think before voting: If instead of supporting abortion, the candidate supports the legal killing of 600,000 black people every year, the legal killing of 600,000 jews every year, or the legal killing of 600,000 gay people every year, would you still support this candidate? If the answer is no, then your vote is very likely sinful, as you do not have a proportionate reason and are not valuing the unborn as humans.

Remember that it is okay not to vote if both candidates support intrinsic evils. But it’s also preferred that we vote.


Great post except for the last paragraph. We need to vote in this election. The stakes are incalculable if we don’t imo.

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The Catechism says we have a duty to vote. I am also sure that everyone’s ballot, like my own, will contain various local contests and issues that also need votes. President is just one box out of 30.

Also, I think a lot of people reading this have already voted and/ or resolved the “sin” issue to their own satisfaction by now. I appreciate that the post was meant in good faith, but it’s likely to just feed the anxieties of the scrupulous.

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Deleted. It was a mistake.

Unless someone is planning to vote for Biden. It’s better if they abstain.


Biden supports a slew of intrinsic evils. He is the last one a Catholic should vote for


That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard about voting for evil. Very well said. Abortion IS murder indeed, and voting for those who very much support it is in a way taking part in it.

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