Remember how democrats behaved after 2016? Demanding safe spaces?

I don’t expect anything of the sort from republicans, do you?

No. But I am sick of the riots, the violence, and the far left lies.


@WA_Catholic, you can disagree with Democrats and find their policies wrong and even abhorrent, but blanketly calling them

is Rash Judgment.

I suggest you take a break off this forum and pray.


Ugh, this is the second time someone has said this. Maybe I need to take a break and get some sleep. I have not slept since the elections started and I fear my words are not coming across well. Thank you for pointing this out!


That sounds like a great idea. Please go get some sleep.


That sounds horrible! You should really take a break. You must be exhausted!


this is very much not casual.

Lacking a US news category, I"ve moved it to world noes.

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Was that a spelling error or an apt description? It made me chuckle, so, I thank you! :joy::joy::joy::heart::heart::heart:

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the funfair will be . . .

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Typo reported !



Here in Louisville the protest and looting have calmed down pretty much but the shootings seem non stop. Huge increase.

As someone disappointed that Trump doesn’t look like he’s going to win, the only thing I demand is another stimulus check.

Thanks but surely it has to quote a news article for that?

I don’t think anyone who needs a link at this point would have anything intelligent to say at this point . .


Both sides have been needing safe spaces for over a decade. It’s time they both grew up.


Just for you

What people do you know of making such demands? Is there an article link to share?

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