Remember that God can bring good even from the worst situations


I just wanted to remind everyone on the forums that we serve an all-powerful God. Although we do not understand why we suffer as we do, we can trust that God can bring good out of it, no matter the situation. After all, God brought the salvation of lost human souls out of the death of His own Son, the best grace of all from the worst evil of all.

Keep praying, hoping, and trusting. God does not waste anything, even the bad things. And even if this world of ours does crumble and fall, by the grace of God we have an eternal home beyond this temporal one that we are striving for. Never lose hope. Persevere. Our God is faithful. Let us remember God’s faithful servant Job in the Old Testament and apply that to whatever suffering we may be facing today and in our days to come.

Child with Autism at Mass

Amen Sister, What a future we have in Christ.


Thank you for the beautiful reminder, Agatha. I really needed to hear that today.


I do think of The hurricane - that’s about to hit North Carolina ( ? )
The evacuation - etc - the worst of situations -
And I do feel - all things - are from God.


I second that. If Job, who was the most righteous man of his time, was tested by suffering to the point that he was, how can any poor sinner offend God because of his suffering?


Job himself complained. He didn’t ditch out on God, but he let God know he wasn’t happy with the situation.


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