Remember the issue with my sister?


Well…your prayers helped, everyone. She has been praying and going to church–and has come to the conclusion that she cannot marry the guy she’s living with…she feels that it’s ‘not right,’ and she is preparing to leave him. No offense to the guy, but as some of you recall…he was married…she met him while he was married…he dumped his wife and three kids…and they both thought they’d live happily ever after. She has realized that this situation is horrible…she feels horrible…and that sin can often be disguised as fun.:o

Well…God showed her the way…and He’s got her by the hand now, so thanks for your prayers!!!:slight_smile:


And the light from heaven shined down upon her…

Praise God!!!


She’s not out of the situation yet…but she is on her way. And, I took the directive of many of you on here…I didn’t preach…just listened. I planted some ‘seeds’ of faith…but then just was there for her. I think if we are too pushy, it can have a counterproductive effect to those we are trying to help.


outstanding! one step at a time. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, that’s awesome. When I read the title of this thread, that is just what I was hoping you’d be saying.


This is fantastic news! A miracle from God. I am so glad for your sister. I can’t imagine why any woman would want to be with a man that is capable of leaving his wife and children. Shows he is totally selfish and self centred.
Thank God.


Nice job living your Faith and providing an example, while also speaking the truth in a way she could hear.

On top of the sinful aspect, I think you helped your sister dodge a big emotional bullet. If this guy is running around on his wife, chances are he would do the same to your sister in time.


Thats great news!! I knew a girl who had a similar thing happen (he left his pregnant wife and 2 kids for her) and well she married the guy and had a child with him and it didn’t last. Last I heard he was on his 4th wife. Thankfully she is now happily married and her current husband plays the role of father to her dd.


You both grew during this tough time…and I am so blessed that you shared it with us so that we too could deepen our faith!


Thanks everyone for your support through this…you helped me to bite my tongue when necessary…and speak when I needed to. I just pray she doesn’t back out…weaken…and stay with the guy. But, she really sounds very saddened…and truly remorseful of her own hand in his marriage ending. I mean, when the dust settles, it usually comes to light that while we were having fun…lives were being ruined. Someone said that here…can’t remember who…but someone said that she is having fun at the expense of the misery of others. I thought that statement was very poignant.

It was very sad what she told me about his kids, and how they hardly see him…and how one of the kids (7 yr old?) said to him (in front of my sister)…‘you always see her…you should spend more time with us.’ Gosh…that made my heart ache. I’m far from perfect…have made a ton of mistakes in my life…nearly went through a divorce myself, and thank God we made our way back to one another, because with kids involved…it’s gotta be heart wrenching to see them go through the pain of having to wonder when they’ll see their dad/mom again…ya know?:frowning:


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