Remember those old Soupy Sales jokes?

I certainly remember THIS one…

Soupy Sez…

“Show me a giant rooster chasing a member of Parliment, and I’ll show you a chicken catch a Tory.”:rolleyes:

Anyone else?

can’t remember any lines but used to eat my lunch when I was little with White Fang and Black Tooth, including my vitaminnies. he started out on a local Detroit TV kiddie show. loved the bow tie.

I lived in Detroit during his career on Detroit TV. I also ate my lunch with White Fang (the largest, meanest dog in the world) and Black Tooth (the largest Sweetest dog in the world).

Hoe big and mean was White Fang? He was buried a neighbor’s Volkswagan.:smiley:

You remember the door? He would get up from the table to answer the knock and the door (behind him and a little to the left) and when he opened it something funny would occur. Frequently a shot of seltzer water, a pie in the face. One day when he opened the door the backstage crew had arranged to have a naked woman standing there. You couldn’t see her because of the camera angle but Soupy was so broken up with laughter that he could hardly finish the show.
Ah, for the days of live television.


A small boy called into Soupy’s show one time. Telling him how much he enjoyed radio and everything. Soupy told him if he really wanted to show him how much he like the show, he would go through his parent’s pants pockets and send him all the pieces of paper with president’s faces on them! :smiley:

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