Remembering 9/11: Where were you?


First off, my deepest prayers and thoughts to all those lost in this world tragedy and to all those friends and family who lost loved ones, and their friends and family and so on.

May God have mercy on their eternal souls and may they all be watching over us in Heaven. May we see them again some day.

Secondly, where were you and what were you doing?

me: I was in Tahoe, I spent all night watching the Princess Bride Special Edition just to listen to the commentary from Rob Reiner. I’m on the West coast so early in the morning my friend from Manchester England woke me up and asked me if “I was alright.” I then turned on the TV and continued to watch for the next 3 days.


at school


I always feel so sad on this day :frowning:

As for what I was doing, I was living in Texas and was starting school when I heard about the first tower being hit. Of course we turned on the TV and just then we heard about the second one. Rest of the day we sat in shock and sadness over the evil act that took place on hundreds of innocent lives.


Working the late shift at a dot-com company in the Bay Area, I was in a chat room with several friends from an online community discussing the suicide of one of our members. I don’t even remember his name anymore. :frowning: Then someone said that a plane had just hit the WTC. My co-worker turned on his TV, and all of us were gathered around it sketching flight paths on a white board, trying to figure out how a pilot could have gotten that lost. Then we saw the second plane hit.


I was asleep. A friend called and woke me up and she was talking so fast and so frantically I couldn’t understand her. She speaks a heavily accented english.

Finally she told me to turn on my tv. I live in the west so it was shortly after 7 I think. Anyway they were replaying one of the planes hitting one of the towers. Probably the second plane. Inmediate shock came over me. I watched all day. I lived close to a major airport and saw planes taking off and landing all the time. It was so eerie when they grounded the planes.

When the planes began flying again sometimes I would be mesmerized watching the planes as they neared the tall buildings downtown afraid I might see one fly into a building. That stayed with me for a long time.


At home, getting my boys (we just had the two oldest, then) up for the day. My husband called from work, and I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. Finally he had to say, “turn the TV on.” I will never forget, they were showing the plane hitting the second tower.


I was in my senior year of high school and was at school when it happened.


I was lying in bed. The radio woke me up and I heard, still half asleep, the announcer say, “…like Mount Everest with the top missing”. I lay there in my stupor thinking, “What does that mean, ‘like Mount Everest with the top missing’?” So I started paying attention and within a few minutes I realized that something was catastrophically wrong somewhere. I was imagining that there was an enormous landslide on Mt. Everest that buried thousands of people. Then I realized the announcer was talking about New York. The World Trade Center was gone.

The announcer had been making an analogy between the NY skyline devoid of the twin towers, and Mt. Everest with the top gone. I leaped out of bed and turned on the TV. It was a shocking day for sure. And very strange watching the skies for the next four days without a single airplane in sight.


I was up at 3am Australian time preparing for a domestic flight. I was watching it on TV and thought, at first, that it was historical footage of a previous attack. But when I saw “live” plastered across the screen I woke my wife and watched it until I had to leave to a very unsettled airport. I was told by the air staff that one of their baggage handlers had a cheap flight on one of the planes. We were all so saddened, sickened and angry at the same time.
Both our main political parties offered unconditional support for the US.
The whole country was in shock.


I was flicking through the TV channels and came across what I thought was a movie, started to watch it,(the first tower had been hit) then realised I recognised the voice of the news presenter, so I flicked through to another channel and saw the coverage there too. Shock doesn’t cover it.

May they all rest in peace x


[RIGHT][/RIGHT]What a day of total fear. I’m in New York. I was at mass with my sister when the priest came out to start mass and said say a prayer because a plane just hit the World Trade Center. I thought the pilot must’ve been ill or drunk and passed out. Then after mass we are in the car and hear about the second plane hitting. I look at my sister and say we are under attack. We go home and my other sister comes over so frantic because her husband works in the city. My two brothers work there too. We just sat there watching the tv trying to calm my sister because the phones were so overloaded that no one could get through on any cell phones. She still hadn’t heard from her husband. They closed all bridges leading to and from the city and eventually my two brothers and brother in law made it home. They had to walk from the city to Long Island along with thousands of others. I was a letter carrier at that time and 3 people from my route perished in the towers. One of them was a woman who had just had a baby a couple of months prior. Sad sad day.


I was at home, visited another message board where someone had posted something like a “this means war” talking about the WTC. I thought it was a horrible joke (just like I did about Challenger) until turning on the TV in time to see the first collapsing tower.


I was watching the Today Show as I fed my first grandchild. So, I saw very nearly firsthand what happened and I pray for everyone who lost someone that day. God give them strength and comfort.


At the time, I lived in the southeastern US. I had been in the office for about ten minutes, intending to tie up loose ends before heading to Paris the next day to get married over the weekend. (Needless to say, those plans had to change after all flights were grounded indefinitely. We ultimately tied the knot eight months later.)

The first strike barely registered with me. I don’t remember thinking much of it. Maybe, “…hmm. That’s odd.”

When the second plane hit the Twin Towers, all thoughts of my wedding went out the window. Heck, all thoughts of work went out the window as well. I spent the rest of the day getting in touch with everyone I knew in the NYC area to make sure they were all safe. No one I know personally was directly affected, but one friend lost his fiancée and another knew of a colleague whose sister perished when the towers collapsed.

About three hours after events began to unfold, my mother called me. It was sometime between 6:00am and 7:00am for her; my parents live on the West Coast, had just gotten up, and had no idea what was happening. When Mom wished me a safe flight, all I could say was, “…turn on the TV, Mom.”

“What channel?” she asked.

“Any channel,” I responded numbly.

She yelled over her shoulder to my dad to turn the TV on, was silent for several seconds, then said quietly, “…oh.”

I burst into tears.

I’m almost in tears now recalling all this.


On my way to work, my brother called and told me to turn on the news. The city is 45 minutes from me, a friend was there when it happened with a 35mm camera. I still have the photos he shot.


At work, at a meeting, which was then cancelled. Most people had relatives or friends working in or near the WTC. People were crying, asking if they could go home, and of course we let them leave.

It was a State building, so State Police with bomb K-9’s began searching the building. My wife called, to tell me our son was on his way to the towers with his paramedic unit.


Walking back from 7am Mass (Central time).



Here is a link
9/11 ceremony at WTC site, victims’ names read


At home, a friend called early to tell me to put the TV on.


Getting ready to watch NSYNC on ananda Lewis show…but instead the channel had the news of the attack.

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