Remembering a possible sin

Hypothetically, if a person said something arrogant (in the realm of thinking he is better than others):

  1. is this grave matter?
  2. if he said it months ago, didn’t think much of it (while still knowing it was probably not a nice thing to say, but if he knew it would be a mortal sin, he probably would not have said it), and then later remembered the actual thing he said (not the circumstances surrounding it such as whether he actually meant it or whether it was said in a joking manner), is the person in a state of sin?
  3. if a person remembered this in the middle of Mass and, knowing he tends toward scrupulosity, attempted to justify it and received the Eucharist, is this also a sin?

In order to commit a moral sin one needs those three qualites…at the time the sin was committed

Grave matter…full knowledge and deliberate consent.

As regards to the persons tendency towards scrupulosity …it is important for them to have a regular confessor. They can ask him to give them …or say to follow certain principles to help deal with this tendency.

Oh and by they way thinking oneself just better than others can be a venial…Pride can be a venial sin (it can of course be mortal…such as when they are unwilling to acknowledge dependence on God etc…)

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