Remembering Apostles Creed


In Mass, when they recite the Apostles Creed, I cannot remember it. Is there a place to read it instead of remember it? I noticed some people reading something that looked like a card of some sort. Where do you find these?


Most missals and missalettes will have the Apostle’s Creed in them somewhere. There are laminated cards with mass parts, Our parish bought some when the new translation came about but they have since been supplanted by our new hymnals. You can probably find holy cards with the creed as well.

You can always find the words online and print them on heavy card stock.


And many times, the Creed recited in Mass is the Nicene Creed.
When the t"new" translation came out, most parishes purchased pew cards with all the textural revisions. The Nicene Creed is on those cards.


All prayers, responses, gestures and the like should be in the missalette. Every missalette I can remember seeing had both creeds towards the middle of the book at the start of the pages with grey edging. Next Sunday arrive to mass a bit early and page through until you find it.


I suppose you could always try asking someone where they got their card. :o Each parish can be different. Some parishes have book racks on the back of each pew where these things go. Some just have the books/handouts in a pile at the end of each pew. Some will have you grab them from a table on your way in. It all depends on how your parish does things.

If your parish doesn’t have cards in every pew (I know many have started phasing them out by not replacing them since it has now been over 3 years since the changes in translation) and if you are having trouble finding it in the missalette (assuming your parish has missalettes – some don’t), at the very least you could print it out and bring it with you. :o Here it is on the U.S. Bishop’s website:

OSV still sells their pew cards. They come in bundles of 50, though:


As others have already said, it’s printed in the missalettes.

There are tons of sources for the Apostles Creed on holy cards. One caution though is that the cards might not use the exact words that are used in the Mass (since the Mass translation was corrected in 2011).

Here’s a source for Mass text cards that we use at my parish:

Note that the Creed printed there is the Nicene Creed, not the Apostles Creed. Either one may be used at Mass, but since you specifically wrote “Apostles” I just thought I need to mention that.

You (or someone else reading this) might still find the cards useful. We’ve seen great results from using them at my parish. For several reasons, I prefer these to the cards offered by other printers.

P.S. I just checked. Their minimum order is 10 cards.


If you don’t have a missalette there are 2 very good monthly periodicals to order that benefit your spiritual reading throughout the month. They both include the Order of the Mass inside. One of these is Magnificat and the other is Word Among Us. If you have the extra money to subscribe I recommend it.


It seems it was used a lot more before the new English translation.

I think most still say it as part of the rosary.


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