Remembering old sins... to receive communion or not? and where to draw line in making restitution for old sins

If a person is fallen away from the church for years and then upon reentering you make the best confessions you can and are regularly going to confession/receiving communion , but then you keep remembering old sins.

Should one abstain from communion until receiving confession after remembering an old sin (even a serious sin such as theft)?

It seems rather discouraging to keep remembering these old sins, and also trying to make restitution. Is there a point to draw the line?

Others will confirm or refute this, but here’s what my priest told me:

If you make a good confession, confessing all the sins you remember, and don’t leave anything out on purpose, you are good to receive Communion. If you later remember a sin (especially a mortal one), you are still okay to receive Communion, but you should confess the mortal sin as soon as possible.

Any mortal sins that are unintentionally forgotten are still forgiven via a valid confession.

When you later remember them, first be assured that have already been forgiven and second by assured that you are fine to receive the Eucharist.

You will need to mention them in your next confession. There is no urgency to rush back to confession in this case, and certainly no reason to abstain from receiving the Eucharist.

The point where to draw the line, in terms of remembering old sins and needing to confess, is a matter for your confessor to address. So it would be a good idea to ask specifically during your next confession.

This. Take Communion but confess the sin next time you go. It helps to explain to the priest your circumstances, so he doesn’t get an impression that you suffer from scrupulosity. (In that case different type of advice would be given).

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