Removal of Fascia and Shoulder Cape before Vesting for Mass

If a priest is wearing a cassock with a shoulder cape and fascia, is h supposed to remove these before vesting? I have seen it done both ways…



I’d say no to the first and yes to the second.

There’s no specific rubric on this, but it is expected that clerics remove their outside clothes before vesting—such as jackets or overcoats.

The shoulder cape is (mostly) part of the cassock, so that doesn’t matter.

The fascia, however, is an outer garment, the equivalent of an overcoat worn on top of a suit.

The rubrics DO say that the alb must cover whatever non-vestment the priest is wearing. Therefore, provided that happens, whatever he wears under the alb is his own choice. If it’s cold in the building, he might wear a sweater or something similar. Anything other than that (like a jacket) is simply awkward and bulky. I’m having a hard time imagining a fascia worn beneath an alb, especially given the type of large collar I usually see on them.


Hello Father,

I thought the fascia was the sash worn around the waist?

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I am similarly confused as Phil. I have always thought a fascia was a waist sash.

ummm…right…my bad.

I don’t know why I had Ferraiolo on my mind.

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It is.

I had a brain-hiccup.

:slight_smile: Ahhhh So that’s the name of the cape that Archbishop Sheen always wore!

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Ah. Okay.

Yes, a ferraiolo under an alb and chasibule would look strange

So, the fascia should be removed for Mass, but not the shoulder cape.

What about the shoulder cape in choir when one is wearing a surplice?


I suppose seeing the word “cape” in the title made me think of ferraiolo and once that was in my head, it stuck there.

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Yes. It’s part of proper clerical white tie attire, along with a saturno.

looks classy as h*ck

Yeap. However, I do know a lot of non-Catholics used to say the Ferraiolo made the good Archbishop look like Dracula. :nerd_face:

As far as I know, it doesn’t matter.

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Okay. Thank you, Father!

well, one mans dracula is another mans saint

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The “shoulder cape” that is worn outside of the liturgy is called the Pellegrina

The “shoulder cape” that is worn over the surplice is called Mozzetta

My GUESS is that both the Pellegrina and Faschia could be worn under the vestments, but the priest/bishop could also take them off if he was hot.

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nice! :slight_smile:

Ahh thats its proper name . the pellegrina

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