Removing Christmas Decoration

Which day do you remove your Christmas decorations? If possible explain why.

  • Epiphany (January 6)
  • Baptism of Our Lord (January 13)
  • Candlemas (February 02)

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I am in mourning and did not put up Christmas decorations this year, which spared me the trouble of taking them down.


The problem with polls here is if people don’t comment, it gets downsides in the topic list.

Candlemas, because that is when the Vatican takes down their decorations.


There isn’t an option for never?


Usually my wife would take them down the day the kids went back to school. But this year she “recruited” all of us to help, and we did it on Saturday, 1/4.

I slowly begin taking decorations down the day after Epiphany. Just a bit every day and finish it up (except for the Nativity scene and door wreaths) the day after the Baptism of our Lord which is the end of the Christmas season in both the traditional and current calendars. The Vatican also takes their decorations down after the Baptism but leaves up the Nativity scene until Candlemas. I used the following as my guide, which helped to explain the confusion that usually surrounds this and has to do with the difference between what is actually the celebratory Christmas season and what is the Christmas cycle in the liturgical calendar.

"Also, the Christmas season always ends on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord in both calendars. I have never found any traditional Church calendar that continued the “Christmas Season” all the way through Candlemas. It is more of the “Christmas Cycle“ that one can see prolonged Christmas focus for 40 days of Christmas which ends on Candlemas. The Christmas Cycle is different than the actual Christmas season. After the Baptism of the Lord, the Christmas Season ends. The priest wears green vestments, and “Time After Epiphany” begins.

The green in the “Basic Cycle” or “Tempus per Annum” is not a celebration like the Easter and Christmas seasons, but does continue to focus on the Manifestation of Christ. It is not Christmas anymore, but a time of spiritual growth, applying the gifts we have learned through the Advent and Christmas seasons. And it is a time of rest before the Easter Cycle begins. But the time is not the Christmas “celebration.” No one says it is still Easter as the summer months continue or on All Saints Day, or the Solemnity of Christ the King, even though that time could be considered part of the “Easter Cycle.” The same rules apply to the Christmas Cycle. The green vestments signal a time of no feasts.

The Vatican takes down the Christmas decorations after the Baptism of the Lord, except the crèche/nativity scene. There seems to be more indication that keeping up the Christmas decorations is a cultural custom rather than an official religious Tradition."

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I am very sorry for your loss.

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January 7th.

So sorry, Salibi. My prayers for you and yours.

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Thank you @Linked @Camehome4john6.

Truly sorry to hear that.

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January 13 when the season ends.

I was thinking that as well. Redneck Catholics leave our Nativity sets up year round.

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Epiphany marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas. For me this is the start of the Christmas decoration take down (because I have a lot up). My goal is to have all my decorations except for one nativity down by the Baptism of the Lord. That one Nativity will stay up until the presentation/candlemas.

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Sometime after the 6th.

This year, it will probably be near or around the 12th.

By that time the tree is dropping needles and has become quite the fire hazard.

This year we have an artificial, so we may wait a little longer.

By Easter for sure.


Just a little fyi (because this stuff is always so confusing.) The Presentation is the same day as Candlemas. There are two Sundays of ordinary time between the Baptism and the Presentation.

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What? No option for December 26?! :wink:
We all know people that do that…

Took my stuff down this morning.

In the poll I marked Jan 6th because that is when I start taking decorations down, the tree and little odds and ends. The nativity is the last to go down but that doesnt happen until after Feb 2, Candlemas.

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