Renewed virginity


When I was younger, I lost my virginity to a man I met online. I was suffering from bipolar and temptation became too much. I have never stopped regretting this because I wanted to save myself for marriage but now that seems lost. What I want to know is if i confess and remain abstinate as I have for the last 6 years, am I a virgin again (at least spiritualy) and can I tell people I’m a virgin or would that be considered a lie and therefor another sin.


Just to assure you, it really doesn’t matter what sins we have committed in the past as long as we have confessed them and have the purpose of amendment. God forgives and forgets, so should we. :slight_smile:

As to telling people about your virginity (or lack), it’s no one’s business except your future husband’s, and only then if you feel it is important for him to know. We are not obliged to tell our sins to others. Those are between you, your confessor, and God.

Indeed, sometimes revealing our sins can do more harm than good. In such cases, it is wiser not to mention them at all, unless doing so will make the situation/relationship better.


Although you cannot technically be a “virgin” because that is partly a physical condition, you certainly DO reclaim your spiritual innocence when you have confessed your sin and turned your life around – as you have. You are entitled to say to any man who is entitled to the information that although you slipped up once, you have kept yourself pure for your spouse from that moment on. :hug3:


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