Renewed Vocational Video: Community with the Spirit of the 1st Franciscans and 1st Carmelites


Peace and Good !!!

We are a Catholic Community of Friars and Nuns (Sisters) who want to live ALL the more of the Gospel with the facts and in the Truth.
**We also live with out wanting, asking or touching money, not that it’s bad to touch it, as also the disciples had a safe keeping, but our hearts have greatly desired to live also as Jesus says: “go with out bread, back pack, cane or money” (Cf. Mk 6, 7-8). **I have attached a newly renewed vocational video of ours that partly expresses our Charisma with photo’s of us before and after our conversions. We hope you enjoy it…
(click on this link here below to see the video)
Best wishes of Holiness and Beatific Immortality,
from the Little Friars and Sisters V.V. of Jesus and Mary:


hi! will you tell us the story and the meaning of your religious habit? i'm interested to know why. i am also wondering why the scapular is shorter than the usual? and how's your stay in the USA?:)

prayers for you!:thumbsup:


Peace and Good !
Fundly enough, the Holy Mass’ reading today is of when Jesus speaks of “New wine skins for new wine”… (cf. Lk 5,37-39)…
For us the Habit is an external sign of our (continual) internal conversion. As the word “wine” in Italian (coming from the Latin language base) is “vino”… When speaking of the first miracle of Jesus at Cana (Jn 2,1-11), our founder says that we aught pray to the Lord that he transforms the spirit of water (that is the spirit of the world that is with out taste) within us into the Sprit of wine = in italian “of wine” is “di vino” … that is in Italiano “di vino” = (of wine) and in Italian “divino” = (Divine)…
So it’s meaning for us (other than the sackcloth being the biblical sign of conversion, in recognising that all is vanity in this life without God, eg. the story of Giona etc.) is that now that we have Faith in Eternal Life through Christ Jesus, the sackcloth is an exterior sign of change of life, otherwise the “Divine Spirit within us” risks bursting and being lost, as fo example, if a young woman after her conversion contiues to ware mini skirts of several centimetres of length, continues to ware makeup to seduce men, and continues visiting nightclubs where people rarly think of God… well then their witness bursts, that is thier witness no longer becomes very believable.
It’s clear that not everyone has to put on a habit, but atleast one tries to have more respect, honor, and dignity for the gift of Faith planted within us, saving it from being disipated in a world of “water”.
May the Lord continue transforming your Spirit into the wonderful Divine Spirit, as Jesus say’s more or less, “who to 30%, who to 60%, and who to 100%”. (Cf. Mt 13,23)
Best Wishes of Holiness, Friar Antonio.


Uno Spirito di vino=uno spirito divino…

That is absolutely brilliant:thumbsup:


(Thanks be to Jesus, Mary, and our founder Friar V.V. !)


Can I ask how you live the spirit of the 1st Carmelites when they were hermits and how do you reconcile that with the spirit of the 1st Franciscans who were mendicants?


What a great and wise question! Pace e bene (Peace and Good) !
Well then, our founder likes to use the image of the scuba diver, who before plunging into the deep blue sea, must first refill his oxygen tanks… Like so, we, before heading out in pilgrimage by hitchhiking all over the world without anything for the journey (Cf. Lk 9, 1-6) like the first deciples and the first Franciscans (except in those days there weren’t cars, but horses, donkes and cammels, etc) proclaming the kingdom of heaven where there one (who would have done the Will of God) will receive a Glorious, Beautiful and for everly young BODY… we retreat into the Cloisters (that the bishop has lent us) where only the brothers can enter into the male cloister, and only the sisters can enter the female cloister with the Spirit of the first Carmelites… We do not have a TV, nor a telephone to try at all costs to maintain a spirit of prayer and scilence with in. There in the silence and contemplation, we replenish “our tanks” with the Word of God, the teachings of the Catholic Church, the story of Saints, and the borthers and sisters experience, we learn more on the Will of God, and how to answer the many questions of the people who ask us: “but why, but how”, etc… about our Catholic Faith in the many cars that give us lifts.
So yes, you’re right, maybe it would be better for me to say that we are “Semi” contemplative like the 1st Carmelites (That is we don’t remain always in the convent) and “Semi” active like the 1st Franciscans, as our founder always says…
Thank you for your intelligent question !
Best wishes of Holiness and Beatific Immortality…!




so how’s your stay in the United States? :slight_smile:


Peace and Good Thomas !
It has been great thanks, but now that I found the providence, I’m actualy in Mexico visiting o community of ours here !.. soon (God Willing) I’ll be returning to Italy to finish my priestly studies before then returning more perminantly in the US.



don’t worry brother you are always in my prayers! so i suppose you are in Mexico right now? :wink:


Peace and Good,
I was in Mexico, but I'm now in Italy contiuning my studies for Priesthood.
Best Wishes of Holiness and Beatific Immortality.
Friar Antonio.


how fast! so how was your US stay? Is there a possibilty that there’ll be a new foundation in the United States?




Yes…! In fact a Bishop in Louisiana has accepted our Community into his diocese, yet I have returned to Italy to finish my studies, where God Willing I return as a Priest after two years.
Please pray for me !

WOW! That’s exciting! America is waiting for you. :thumbsup:


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