Renewing the Host

Is there any directive on how often the large consecrated Host in the luna (which is kept in the tabernacle and used daily in the monstrance for Adoration) should be renewed? One priest I asked said very often - every other week or so - and another priest (both very excellent and orthodox men) said he hasn’t changed the Host in the luna in years. He asked a fellow priest who is a canon lawyer. The lawyer said that it is not addressed in canon law and that it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind consuming a stale Host at some point.


There are no specific rubrics governing this, but good liturgical sense would seem to suggest renewing the Host every few months, but CERTAINLY at the Triduum, the Host should be removed and consumed, and replaced after Easter.

I don’t know of any rule regarding this.

Considering the rule that hosts for communion should be consecrated at each Mass, I would think it would make sense to frequently renew the Host for exposition.

I do not think that letting the host go stale is fitting. The real presence remains as long as the appearance of bread remains, surely the dignity of the Sacrament demands that it be kept under the appearance of fresh bread rather than stale.

When a consecrated host is left to corrupt and degrade beyond recognition as bread, it loses the real presence - surely years of staleness will verge on corruption.

My experience is a new Host that was Consecrated at morning Mass that day was inserted into the monstrance everyday and the Host from the prior day was consumed or broken and used for the visits to the hosptial that day.

How about renewing the Host once a week?

it is the practice in our perpetual adoration chapel to renew the host on the First Friday of the month. not sure of any rules about it.

Can. 939 Consecrated hosts, in a quantity sufficient for the needs of the faithful, are to be kept in a pyx or ciborium, and are to be renewed frequently, the older hosts having been duly consumed.

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