Renovation for High School Chapel--- need budget stencil art

Hi all,

I am a senior in high school and have recently been talking with some friends about doing some renovating of our Chapel. We would not be performing any construction, but simply painting, rearranging, and adding furnishings. We believe it can be done relatively cheaply, but I am stuck on one main issue.
We would like to add color to the chapel using colorful patterns which can adorn the walls and ceiling.
Obviously they don’t just sell beautiful Catholic stencils at Lowe’s. I cannot find much about it online either. Does anyone know of any company which does supply this (preferably in Ohio), and would be willing to do it relatively cheap? Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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You don’t have talented art students at your school who can make a stencil? They’re not hard.


If you can find someone with a circuit you can make what you need. Go look up circuit and you will be amazed

I think you mean Cricut.

Do you have any pattern or symbols in mind? That would be a big help to know.

fluer de lis

Honey Bees

Celtic Cross




Yep, and I own one

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there is a documentary I watched awhile back called “exit through the gift shop” about the artist banksy who is known for “stencil” street art in London, and other places

the reason I mention banksy is because if you watch the documentary, it might give you some ideas about how to create custom large scale catholic themed “stencil” art

basically start by doing an image search to find stuff like,…

once you have something you and your class mates agree upon, take the images to an office copy center and blow up the images to the scale needed, then cut them out

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