Renowned U.K. Stem Cell Scientist Moves to France: Says U.K. Too Focused on Embryonic Research

By Tim Waggoner NEWCASTLE, U.K., October 24, 2008 ( - A leading U.K. adult stem cell scientist has left his post at Newcastle University and is heading to France, alleging U.K. universities and funding agencies continually prioritize embryonic stem cell research over his work -…

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Adult and alternative stem call research is where the cures are from. So thank you for this decision.

Awesome. I wish more would speak up about this.

My cousin attended a pro-life meeting a few years ago where the guest speaker was a researcher in the field. She claimed that there is a reason why embryonic stem cells are pushed so much more than adult stem cell research. According to her, adult stem cells cannot be patented. Sort of like blood, we all have it. However, embryonic stem cells CAN be patented and, therefore, are much more lucrative to companies.

Even now members of the House of Lords are playing ignorant over this scientist and his move to France. I am sure the scientist involved planned this move in view of the ‘slippery slope’ in UK science involving the ongoing futile optimism of people who are entirely focused, on the revenue produced by the atrocity of abortion using embryonic stem cell research. It is surely not rocket science to realize the futility of this science with regarding any hope of curing various health conditions. Embryonic stem cells are rejected by adults because of their immaturity and have in fact created terratomas and other adverse reactions. Adult stem cells have in fact been very successful. We must pray for those who have eyes but do not see, have ears, but do not hear. May the Lord grant many blessings to this scientist with PURE vision.

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