Rensselaer man arrested for jumping fence at the White House


WNYT (Albany NY)

Rensselaer man arrested for jumping fence at the White House

A Rensselaer man is facing federal charges after police say he jumped the White House fence on Thursday. Police arrested 26-year-old Jeffrey Grossman. He’s currently in custody and under observation at a hospital.

  The Secret Service alleges Grossman climbed over the fence of the presidential residence dressed in a Pokemon costume.
  He is being charged with unlawful entry.

Well, I hope it provided the President with some much-needed comic relief.


Pokemon costume?? :):):slight_smile:

Aw… the photo is disappointing. He was wearing a Pikachu baseball cap and carrying a stuffed animal.


Its amazing to know that back when Lincoln was president, he often left the front door of the white house open so anyone could come in and discuss things with the president! LOL, this may sound crazy, but when looking at the big picture, this was not that long ago!

The way we are heading, in another 120 yrs, it may be illegal for anyone to even be NEAR the whitehouse! lol


Lincoln also got shot, so maybe he’s not the best barometer of common sense, or at least of good security instincts.


It must have been the old habit of jumping those subway turnstiles back in NY.


But not at the White House, where he would often have a line of walk-ins waiting to talk to him. He figured that if they had something to say to him, he would listen. I’m afraid that now, the lines might be too long and undisciplined.


It was a different time. Lincoln was shot in a theatre. Should the people in Aurora, CO have expected it, too? :ehh:

The circular driveway was even accessible until the OKC bombing.


Actually, I think it was Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House that was open to regular traffic until the OKC bombing; that stretch of Pennsylvania is now closed off, guarded, and heavily secured. I was in the White House in the mid-60’s, and the gates to the circular drive were most certainly kept closed back then.


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