Rent Car is Suburbs, Pay Chicago?,CST-NWS-carrental24.article

Chicago is taxing car rentals in the six county area under the assumption that anyone who is renting a car anywhere near Chicago will be using it to drive around Chicago.

Well, state law wiil not let Chicago impose a commuter tax like NYC.

Has there ever been a time where Daley excepted “no” as an answer?

Must he?

There always was Shakman, light rail and deep tunnel. Daley is used to hearing “no”.

Maybe the suburbs should install toll booths at the city line and collect tolls to make it less desirable for Chicagoans to go out to the suburbs. :cool:

Seriously, this is absurd and unenforceable, but it does show the pathological corruption in the Chicago political machine.


Now, you lost me. Which faction is the Chicago machine? Outsiders seldom have an accurate take on Chicago politics.

I think it would be more accurate to say that it is not the Chicago machine (which I couldn’t define for you since the days of Fast Eddy Vyrdolyak) but the corrupt nature of Chicago politicians attempting to grab more than their share of the tax base of the state of Illinois. Most of the politicians in Chicago will work together if they can get some of the downstate money.

Please. It’s laughably simple. If your daddy was an Illinois and/or Chicagoland pol and you are too, you are part of the problem. This applies whether your name is Daley, Stroger, Mel, Jackson, Madigan or whathaveyou…

Not that newcomers aren’t corrupt too, mind you. It’s just that by the second generation it is guaranteed.

What if your daddy (or mom) was IVI-IPO? I don’t know if I can name a pol named Jackson whose father was a Chicago pol.

Rod’s dad was non-pol Republican as was George Ryan’s. See how complicated it gets? I don’t know if Ab Mikva’s daughter or Newt Minow’s daughter are part of any problem, either.

Your theory is more than a little skewed.

Enjoy your made-up world of honest politics in Chicagoland.

I’ve lived here too long to fall for it.

You don’t think Jesse Jackson Sr is a politician? He may not hold office, but his entire life has been politics. If you refuse to define him as a politician you’ve drunk the kool-aid.

Stuff like this makes me wonder if I should move to someplace like Indiana. I love Chicago, but the way politics works (along with our strict gun laws) would make me wanna move to Indiana.

I certainly don’t think Rev. Jackson (who is feuding with other black politicians) can bequeath his public position to a successor. And I have never heard even his detractors refer to him as a ‘Chicago pol’.

Common Chicago Liberal. Yes, I live in Chicago.

Peace Out!

Try registering a car in Indiana. They hit you for about $400!

Many states do. Many times its the taxes on the worth of the car. Move to PA, they don’t charge you.

Last time we moved, we didn’t have to pay it to the new state… Our cars weren’t worth anything. :blush:

So you think Jesse Jackson, Jr would have had the same career had he first changed his name to Joe Smith and not told anybody who his dad was? Honestly? :confused:

As for claiming Jackson senior isn’t a politician, you are just as right as Bill Clinton was when he denied a certain activity with one Monica Lewinski… :rolleyes:

Sure, junior got a leg up, just like Forbes, Rockefeller and McCain, for that matter. None of their father’s were politicians. Jesse, Sr. has never held public office in IL, never let a government contract and never had to campaign. So he’s still a Chicago pol?:confused:

Folks love to use him as a convenient bogey man, though.

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