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my parents are big in to real estate and they are trying to make me get in to it, I’d rather not but aht’s a whole other story.

anyways my question is, their properties often get applicants from cohabitating couples. would it be wrong for me to rent to them, if I end up becoming in charge of all that? normally, I would probably try to choose a family or roommates or something but what if they were the only applicants?


You must follow the laws of Canada on non-discrimination when offering properties for rental.

Your scrupulous tendencies may make being a landlord difficult for you. Talk to your pastor, as you aren’t even renting anyone anything yet and are already worried about all the ways it might be sinful.

You are not cooperating with any evil by renting to people who may or may not be in some state of objective sin.

In the US, you can’t discriminate based on marital status.

In the US, however, some ll’s will require “previous rental history” to show that people will have some degree of stability. Some ll’s in the US take it even further to require, say, roommates to have x years of rental history living together, so that they don’t end up with, say, two best friends who think it would be the most awesome thing ever to get an apartment together— and then realize they make better friends than roommates four months into the experiment.

However, Canada has a whole lot of headaches. Some people on one of my ll forums are from places like Ontario, and it’s amazing the amount of government intrusion into the biz. Blah.

All that being said, you really do need to treat it like a business, or else it will get expensive, very quickly. It can be a fine line, trying to be “merciful” or “understanding”, and “making someone else’s problem my problem.” If you work for someone else, that’s one thing-- you have to follow their policies-- but when you have the ability to be flexible, it can be difficult sometimes to not want to bend the rules for so-and-so’s situation.

Real estate in general is a long-term game. You’re not going to get rich quick. You’re going to have long months of hard work and large expenditures. And while people are perfectly fine from the outside— passing them in the street, saying hello, asking after their children— it’s a whole different ballgame when how they manage their money, their housekeeping, and their priorities directly affects you. It’s not for everyone. But it’s good if you have the stamina for it, and the people skills for it and a good nose for being lied to, and the ability to put your foot down to protect your own investment. We’re in it because it’s our retirement, and our children’s college fund. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

believe me, I don’t think it’s for me, but my parents think no one willhire me so they are trying ot push in that direction

I’d really j

well I do get choose who I want ot rent to
, don’t I? usually there is a wide spectrum of different applicants anyways. there are more practical reasons for renting to a family, for example.

but ultimately, I would really rather work for people that I’m not related to

Well, look at it from your parents’ view. If they’re “big into real estate” and “you’d rather work with people you’re not related to”, I take it that they already have at least a few units for rent? Are they wanting you to get into the renovation and maintenance side of things (which I’m not feeling they are), or are they wanting you to get into the paperworky management side of things (which I am feeling they are).

So— if they have, say, 10, or 20, or 100 units— what will happen to them when they retire? What will happen to them when they die? The thing about real estate is that it gives you control, to a certain degree— you can do the things that make you successful, or do the things that make you not successful, and you reap your rewards or penalties accordingly. Which is very different from being at the mercy of a boss who cuts your hours from 40 to 28, because something happened in the government to make full-time employees a managerial burden. Or getting fired after working for the same employer for 20 years, because you’re cheap to replace with someone fresh out of school. Or your company just got bought out and you got laid off… That sort of thing.

So, your parents probably aren’t just thinking about your well-being “today” or “tomorrow”— they’re thinking about where things will be in 15, 20, 25 years from now. They’re trying to groom you for something you don’t want to be groomed for, which is something that happens with family businesses.

I’m trying to get a gauge on your age. I’m feeling older than 16, but less than 21? :smiley:

If your family thinks that “no one will hire you”, then go out and get a job and prove them wrong. But they’re thinking “succession plan”, and from here, with the information given, it seems like you’re turning your back on a very nice opportunity.

Rent to whomever you wish.

The morality of an act that cooperates with evil may be material or formal. If material then the act may be mediate or immediate.

All formal acts of cooperation are evil. Mediate acts may be tolerated.

Although not to your specific issue but closely related, this article may be helpful.

I don’t think you should spend too much time worrying about this. If an opposite sex couple with different names applies for a rental unit, how would you know they’re not married?

If two men apply, how could you know if they are gay or straight? If they are straight, how could you be sure that they won’t be having female guests overnight?

The truth is, you don’t know a thing about their private moral lives.

All you really know is what kind of reputation they have for paying rent on time. You have no control over their private morality.

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