Renting to parents who are not married by the Church?

So, my mom and dad are only married in a civil union, not by the church because my dad is of another religion and my mom is Catholic. I want to get a house with my sister and they will be moving in with us since we all live together and they will pay their half and all, but, would it be a sin to let them rent in my home with their own room for both of them since they are not married by the Church? Because it seems it would be cooperation with sin.

There has to be more to the story, right? After all, a non-Catholic and a Catholic are able to marry validly in the Church!

would it be a sin to let them rent in my home with their own room for both of them since they are not married by the Church? Because it seems it would be cooperation with sin.

Would you be making it easier for them to live in sin? That is, would your actions enable them to live in sin – or are they already fully capable of doing so on their own?

On the other hand, would your actions give you the opportunity to lead them toward regularizing their situation and eventually marrying in the Church?

No. They are your parents.

My sister and my BIL are civilly Married. They are both Catholic but they don’t practice and never have.

It’s there first Marriage and they have two young sons…same ages as my girls.

I’m not shutting out four family members I love…two nephews I absolutely adore…over something they don’t agree with and don’t understand.

It’s not fair to my sister’s family, my parents or my girls to declare myself holier then thou and make them stay in a hotel or different rooms if they come visit our house.

They did what they think is right and are making a genuine effort.

All we, and you, can do is pray.

When you say your mom is Catholic, is she practicing or interested in doing so? If she married outside the Church and wants to have her marriage blessed, she can do so even without her husband’s participation. Encourage her to talk to her pastor. If she is not practicing, encourage her to do so by setting a good example of Catholic practice and praying for your parents daily.

In answer to your question, if your parents have been civilly married for many years and raised children to adulthood, I do not think that it would be sinful to rent to them. Whether this is really a good idea for a living arrangement may be another matter.

Do not let your parents live together if they are not married in the Church. Some may call you scrupulous and extremist for doing this, but do not listen to them. Ridicule from parents is hard to handle, but do not give into their sin

So, your parents are not married according to the CC. They had you and your sister while not being married in the CC, correct? You lived with them all those years, too. I don’t think I would worry about renting to them after they have been together all these years and had you and your sister. JMO.

Sooooo… If someone has sinned throughout their life, they should continue to sin? I hope this is not the position you take. Please explain.

Would it be ok if they agreed to not live like a couple?

Yes it would be okay if they did not live as a couple. However, it would be BETTER for them to get their “marriage” blessed by a priest.

I openly reject every sin my parents, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends choose to commit. By allowing two unmarried people to sleep with each other, the OP would be contributing to their sin. Stop with this modernist nonsense of “…well they are basically good people…”

No, I am not saying that people should continue to sin.

I get what the Catholic answer is. I don’t agree with it and don’t have to agree with it, since I am not Catholic.

I just pray for them. Every night.

I never actually said that they are “basically good people”.

What I did say was they are my family and I love my family regardless of their beliefs.

They aren’t doing this to spite me or God…they truly believe their marriage is valid. :shrug:

If they were claiming to be good Catholics and refusing to get married in the Church…that is one thing.
That deserves an immediate correction.

My MIL claims to be a holy Christian who loves Jesus, reads the bible and attends Church. She is also planning on getting married a third time.

The way we handle her is different from the way we handle my side of the family because they just don’t believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

It’s sad but I can’t openly condemn them and expect them to see the error unless they start their paths towards Christ.

Until that happens…I’m not alienating and offending them with beliefs they don’t think are true.

If her family claims to be devote Catholics…then this needs to be openly addressed. I get the impression this isn’t the case.

Denying them rent because of their personal choices is discrimination.

I really hope you are joking…

IMO, I do think it would be discrimination.

I would rather discriminate against sin than tolerate it.

Graceful_Lamb, so I am not allowed to discriminate against people based on sinful acts that they have committed, are committing, and will commit?

Did you read the link?

Yes, I read the link. How is denying rent to two unmarried people have anything to do with race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap?

If I deny someone rent because they stay up late drinking every night causing danger to themselves and to their family, am I discriminating? NO! It’s the same idea with and unmarried couple. If I do not think they should commit those sinful acts in my house, I don’t have to give them access to my house.

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