Renzi blocks "fertility day" in Italy


Given the fall in indigenous birth rates in Italy, this should have gone ahead:

However PM Renzi is a leftist and like Merkel seems to favour millions of mostly Muslim economic migrants and a few Muslim refugees to redress their countries’ respective futures which will turn out disastrous if their plans are followed up imo.

However weren’t we told that Europe is “barren” and a “dying continent”? Has anyone heard anyone try to step in and demand that a drive to improve birth rates in Italy goes ahead??? WHAT IS GOING ON???


I’m not sure these ads help.

I’m not sure I would get inspired by an hourglass ad or a cigarette ad to have more children. I’m sure the crisis in Italy has more to do with lack of housing and jobs, and the age of marriage increasing.

Also, a number of years ago I read about the concept of the “mammone”. That’s a grown man who prefers to live with his mother than to go off and get married.

Adding, Renzi has 3 children. So higher than the average in Italy


Incredible. So this is an existential threat you know that right? The reason Renzi blocked it was nothing to do with its ineffectiveness.

“If you want to create a society that invests in its future and has children, you have to make sure the underlying conditions are there”

That’s a quote from Renzi who’s inviting thousands of migrants into his country EVERY day!! Now what do you think about his motivation. I can assure you that it isn’t anything to do with indigenous Italians!!


“In 2015, fewer babies were born in Italy than in any year since the modern state was founded 154 years ago, and the population shrank for the first time in three decades.”

Fertility rate in Italy: 1.35
Fertility rate EU avg: 1.60

Fertility rate needed for population replacement: 2.1

No children means no future.


Yes. But are silly slogans the answer? And a fertility day?


Probably not. In any case I think that the Italian fertility has already fallen so low that demographic decline is unstoppable. Italy–and Europe–will either face demographic winter or become Islamic.


I am so ok with developed nations supplementing their birthrate with immigration from less developed nations, as you can see the US doing with Central and Latin America… It puts immigrants in better circumstances and reduces the impact of overcrowding/lack of resources in their home countries.

I’m just not so nationalistic as to think that we should be making more of “our own” and leaving already-born humans in terrible circumstances. Not that a nation is obligated to reduce its birthrate, but if it’s already low, who cares?


I am and am not ashamed to say so.

The “circumstances” you speak of would be exactly the same for migrants. You see how your argument has no “logic”?


No reason to be rude.:rolleyes:

But yes, population redistribution is overall a positive.


Sometimes when you have to point out the obvious that might come across that way. I apologise and will adjust my sentences so they’re easier for you to understand


I think population can grow if the country has the will to reject abortion and contraception but I’m Catholic you see…:rolleyes:


I’m not talking about individual nations. I’m saying that on a global level it benefits everyone to move people from poor, high population density areas to wealthier nations with low birthrates and excess land.

I don’t see western offspring as inherently more valuable than immigrants. Speaking of being Catholic, the pope is very pro refugee.


“I don’t see western offspring as inherently more valuable than immigrants.”

I don’t either, but I don’t dislike Italians enough to rejoice in their imminent extinction. The same goes for Poles, Japanese, and quite a few others.


That is only true from an economic perspective. From a cultural perspective, I prefer western offspring to immigrants, especially immigrants from islamic countries. We all know that the statistics about women’s rights, political rights, religious rights in islamic countries are pretty terrible. Tens of thousand of immigrants from such cultures will have a very bad effect on modern Western societies. Think about what happened in Cologne for example.


Sure, they’re more likely to murder rooms, in fact, entire buildings full of people, but they’re also more likely to vote Democratic, and you gotta take the bad with the good.


It doesn’t actually because a country can only cope with a certain number of people. Also consider that this has never worked in the past. Refer to Bosnia in the 1990’s. Multicultural societies with huge divergent populations become segregated and this leads to conflict at worst. Belgium is a typical example of this.

With all due respect, you sound completely clueless about this. The Catechism does not condone mass immigration and the Holy Father is infallible on Church teaching. This is what the Catholic Church teaches

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