Reoccuing Dreams


I’m not quite sure if this is the appropriate place to post this. Anyways…

I work with the developmentally dissabled in a group home setting. One of the clients I care for is currently enrolled in Hospice. The past several nights this individual has been in my dreams. Sometimes he shows signs of approvement through increased speech, alertness, etc. However in last night’s dream, I found him in the home unresponsive. In the dream I called 911 and waited for emergency attention to arrive. I was awakened by my alarm before the dream ended.
I was talking to my supervisor about this. She too, has had dreams similar to this. I never have had fear before of dying, but each day I fear for the outcome of what is going to happen when I enter the doors of my work.

I quess my question is if any of you have ever helped prepare someone to die. If you have what advice would you have to share. My biggest concern is for the other individuals who live in the home. For them, this man is their brother and to make things worse, many of them are not capable of fully comprehending what death means.

In the meantime, please keep these individuals in your prayers as well as my co-workers, and this individual’s family.


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