Reoccuring secual dream

I am currently 19 and I am discerning the priesthood.

Over the last month I would say I have been having sexual dreams every several days that I don’t wan’t. I don’t want to add to much details out of not being too graphic, but most of these dreams have included me getting with a lot of girls at the same time. I have never ever had a girl friend in my real waking life, and I am not planning on getting one as I am discerning the priesthood.

For a while in my real life I have felt sexually tempted into falling into sin but I have not let myself done so. I don’t know if this could have some impact on my dreaming state.

I always feel bad when I awake. I no you can’t sin by dreaming but it is still my concern with the fact that they keep reoccuring.

The enemy (Satan) is tempting you in this dream to deny the vows that you are seeking to a holy life of celibacy. The Evil One would take great pride in stealing away one called by God to the priesthood. Now, I’m not saying that it would be a bad thing to have a life of marriage on the other hand but it would be bad to remove oneself from the priestly way of life to head towards a life of sexual immorality and sin.


Well that may be the case, but it might not be. You could be just having these dreams because you are anxious about the discernment process or it could be for some other reason all together. You are also a young man and your hormones are probably fairly high.

You have not sinned just by having these dreams. Let me tell you, I’ve had some reallllly strange dreams that have nothing to do with my waking life. Don’t let it concern you too much. The more anxious you get about it the more it will bother you and the more you will think about it.

Put it out of your mind, pray , bless yourself with Holy Water before bed and pray to God that you not have these dreams anymore. Continue your discernment process.

I also might suggest asking a priest for advice on this and to help you through your discernment process.

God Bless you and may he guide you in your discernment process! :slight_smile:

it is normal to have sexual dream as a teen or young adult-- but even though i went to a catholic boarding school taught by the holy cross brothers-- they could not offer any solutions-

and could it be demonic or induced by the devil or dark side-- maybe yes maybe not-

It is a spiritual warfare dream with the lowest level demons there are, the demons of sexual sin. Until you master them you won’t be able to battle with the next rung up of fallen angels in spiritual warfare.

That and it is probably part of he discernment process.

Trust in Jesus to rescue you. All seminarians struggle with one particular issue. For some it is poverty, others obedience, and other chastity. The surrender to Christ is total but once through it I believe their is a freedom in Christ that brings great joy!

Rebuke these demons, but Jesus may be refining you by this test. Seek our Ladies help via the rosary.


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