Rep. West: AG Holder Should Resign Over 'Fast and Furious'


Allen West is a good man . He may be our future President. (err… Hopefully)

It’s just insane what happened with this whole thing.

Splain yourself… What is insane? I don’t trust Holder, myself.

The whole Fast and Furious thing.

I mean, couldn’t they have picked a better movie title? :stuck_out_tongue:

We have some rotten people in Government. It’s time for change and to get some people who really care about the future of our country.

Or his rather purple district unless redistricting comes into play, will be one of those Tea Party freshman districts especially targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012 and he is given a forced resignation himself. (err… Hopefully) :slight_smile:

Regardless of party, I’d love to see more honest people in politics. And I think West is an honest person. His speech to the heads of the military on the DADT policy was great.

Listen to this speech, he talks about PC in the military and DADT.

bbarrick, my speakers are not functioning at the moment but I try to avoid listening to Alan West as much as I can.

May I ask why?

Well, his Iraq interrogation incident is a pretty good start.

“If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

I can only imagine what that must have been like. To be told someone is going to ambush you, something if I’m not mistaken, has happened over there and soldiers have lost their lives over it.

After Colonel West was relieved of his command, an interpreter said that without his presence the region he previously oversaw became more dangerous and chaotic.

Selective reading is always fun.

Picture two fingers, two ears and the sounds of Lalalala.:smiley:

No. I don’t bother to do all of that. I simply change the channel. I’ve already heard enough about him where I live to have formed an opinion about his politics. So I simply have no need to hear more. KInda like Obama having had enough of Cantor. I also didn’t like that he reportedly pre-screened questions at a question and answer session and he called such a thing a town hall meeting. Then when someone had the audacity to stand up at this “town hall meeting” and ask a question which was not previously submitted, they were escorted out.

I’ve read Lt. Col. Wests story a couple of times.

Have you ever been in the military?

I never got deployed, I was part of a training unit and during our annual training we would go out and perform training exercises with other units. Mostly combat training exercises where we had to attack them when they were least expecting it. I carried an M60 with grenade simulators and watched as other soldiers scrambled to figure out what the hell to do.

One thing I learned, it doesn’t matter who, what rank, what their job is. In the military, when your life is on the line or threatened, you will do what you have to do to survive in the moment. At the end of the moment you may realize that you made some mistakes, but you could only do what you could do. No amount of training can prepare these guys for the actual stuff. I hold nothing against Lt. Col. West for what he did. It may not have been right, but a guy with Lt. Col. before his name, did not get there by making very many mistakes. Unfortunately, that mistake forced him to retire, maybe he would have handled it differently, maybe not.

And Obama and most politicians don’t do the same thing? You’ve heard enough about him to know that you disagree with his politics, that is enough for you to make snarky remarks, right?

This Fast and Furious scandal is so disgusting, horrific and disturbing that it’s been rumored that even several Democrats are outraged. (Just teasing!) Can you imagine the outcry and investigations had this skulduggery occurred during a Republican administration? There is no chance whatsoever that Pres. Reagan, H.W. OR W. could have survived this, and remained in office.
Fortunately, Obama and Holder are Democrats, and it would take much more than the responsibility for murders of Americans with guns they GAVE to Mexican criminals and drug lords to disturb most of their supporters. :wink: Rob

That is actually one of the reasons I admire him. The man has character and integrity for sure.

I also like his stance on the issues of immigration, Islam, and support of Israel.




Fast and Furious was a debacle, but the faux outrage being generated by the GOP is shamefull. The ATF briefed the appropriate congressional committees on the program as it was ongoing, including briefing the GOP members of those committees. None of them objected to the program until it became politically expedient to do so. (Not that the Dems are any better, both parties love to generate faux outrage, but that does not make it any less shamefull.)

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