Repent - the end is nigh!


I just thought I should bring you all into the loop:

Today, I saw a woman on a street corner with a sign that appeared to proclaim that “Jesus is coming” on April 19 or 20. “Don’t be left behind!” the sign exhorted.

Phew…I feel much better now that I’ve let you in on this.



Gosh, thanks! Got to get my ducks all in a row…:eek:


Thanks. Now I don’t have to worry about getting my tax forms completed:extrahappy: :extrahappy:


I wonder if she will get a new sign on the 21st. :shrug:



My wife’s birthday is the 21st. Guess now I don’t need to buy her a present.


Monkey Friend say he ready! :thumbsup:


Yipeeeee :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

I can keep the money for the roof repairs and spend it on …errrmmmm … gosh so may options so little time :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:


Maranatha: come, Lord Jesus!



Aww men! My graduation is in the 24th!!! Does this mean I will spend eternity without a degree??? :smiley:


Take comfort in the knowledge that you will spend eternity with Almighty God. :dancing:


I do wonder if we’re experiencing the opening pangs of the Second Coming. I mean, I could not find a pair of my socks yesterday (perhaps it got Raptured? :p) and there’s a guy here claiming to be Jesus (he’ll fit the description of the Antichrist, I think; though to be frank he’s been around for quite a while. Perhaps he’ll show his true colors somewhere around next week?). :eek:


I must speak out on the womans behalf. She’s of course most likely wrong, but technically, none of us know and are supposed to remain vigelant, just as if it could come at any hour, in this case, the 19th or 20th. The fact she’s standing on the corner, trying to warn people, even if she does indeed, think with all of her heart this is going to happen, she’s taking it upon herself to warn others, she in her own mind thinks she is doing God’s will and she has love for her fellow man, even total strangers, enough to try to help them any way she can with this, in this case, holding up a sign.

Have you guys ever encountered preachers standing at busy intersections preaching the gospel, just to the public, just to anybody that happens to be near or drive by? They go on and on, seemingly foolishly to the average person, and I look to these people and admire their courage, I even prayed with one of them when I was in Seattle and it was a short, but moving prayer session.

I choose not to mock her, for I know God loves her, dilusional or not, and I admire her courage to do this, misguided or not, this is showing faith in the face of adversity ie. the world, the public, at large, and I guarantee, these sign wavers, these street corner preachers face a barrage of insults in the process, this is why you don’t see them very often doing this, for it is a very difficult task.


If you knew for sure that Jesus was coming on April 19, what would you do? How would you prepare? Go to confession? Pray? Tell your family and friends how much you love them? Well why aren’t you doing those things? How do you know he isn’t coming then?


No need, she didn’t put a year on it did she. She can use it again next year when her spanish cousin visits again. :slight_smile:



We never know when we have been visited by a angel of the LORD! I wonder how many people "who do not believe or ever gave God a thought even, might of went home to smell the roses or questioned themselves or reflexed about their own personal lives, their faith or none faith when seeing this woman on the cornor!

Just look at ourselves are we not talking about it?

Who ever is ashamed of me I also will be ashamed of you in the presents of my Father!

Peace God Bless and Worship God


Take note of Planters post count, interesting huh?


I share your sentiments, Brian. As “unconventional” as these individuals may seem or be…What are we to say if even one person stops and “begins to think” because of a sign like this?

This said, I don’t know about Jesus coming on the 19th or 20th, but his chief steward will be here both days: I know that much.

Was this woman in New York by any chance??



Some dates for the end of the world:

*]The millennium and end-of-the-world predictions[/LIST]**So far, the rate of falsification by non-occurrence is 100 % **

**Sad to say, some Catholics also prophecy falsely, claiming that an apparition or vision or some such thing has told them that there will be some dreadful disaster by (say) 2000 - often it is something such as San Fran or Florida being overwhelmed. There are many of these lies in “The Thunder of Justice” by Maureen & Ted Flynn, which is a monument to the sorry human tendency to be deceived & to deceive. **

**There are also Catholic “prophecies” about the birth of Antichrist - one Saint (who shall remain nameless) said the AC had been born in 1403. **

All of which shows that Christians, regardless of label, would do far better to give up trying to second-guess the Almighty. This not only flouts Acts 1, but makes Christians look like gullible morons, makes genuine apparitions (if any) look like a pack of lies, degrades piety, is superstitious & a source of schisms, & is full of evils generally. And it is all so unnecessary :frowning: **Unsurprisingly, if a perfectly plain Divine command is going to be so persistently ignored. **

**ISTM that excesses of this kind are a Christian equivalent of Sci-Fi. ****Still, at least we now know for sure that the world will still exist on the 21st. :slight_smile: People who spread these delusions should be excommunicated by whatever Churches they may belong to, & proceeded against by the civil authorities with the greatest possible severity; once, that would have happened to them. ****I hope the Orthodox are spared this insanity. **


But, Michael, how do you really feel…??




Some of your comments are humorous, yet we often make jokes when our mortality is brought to our attention. Is this lady an “angel”? I don’t know.
But any one of us could die tomorrow and would we be prepared? I read somewhere that the “Three Days of Darkness” prohesied by St. Padre Pio would occur in the month of April on a bitterly cold night. Makes one wonder.

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