Repent without confession?


Hi everybody- new to this site…first post.

Anyways, my question is- I am a baptized Catholic, but have not received the sacrament of reconciliation (baptized as a child, but have not gone through religious teachings, just started being ‘serious’ about it, through my (His) decision recently). Currently, I am looking for a RCIA class in my area to be ‘fully vested’ in the Catholic church, but in the meantime, I feel as if I should repent for my past sins. I understand that without going to confession, I cannot be absolved of my sins fully, but what ways can I repent in the current situation? I pray every day, and feel whole-heart-idly sorry for my past sins, asking for forgiveness.
Are there any specific prayers I can recite first, and then bring my sins to mind, or should I just keep doing what I’m doing with praying, and wait it out until I find and complete RCIA?
Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense…kinda rambled:)
Thanks for your input, and God Bless!


Talk to your priest or RCIA director. The desire for confession is a very great grace, and you should thank God for it. You might be “fast tracked” into the confessional (it WILL require some preparation).

As a convert, I often tell those who are reluctant about confession that "Confesssion is the second-best thing about being Catholic!

God love you.


Good advice, but I might refine it a bit further. Talk to your priest. Some RCIA directors (not all of them) seem to think that RCIA is the only way to the sacraments. Technically, RCIA is not really meant for baptized Catholics, but is sometimes used in parishes that do not have the resources to catechize them separately.

Let the priest know of your strong desire to confess your sins, and ask him whether there is a way to make it happen soon.

It seems to me that what you need is contrition for your sins (you already have that), an understanding of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (a quick read of that chapter in the Catechism of the Catholic Church should do), some guidance on how to examine your conscience, and a quick “how-to” on the Sacrament itself (how to confess, what to confess, how to pray an Act of Contrition, etc.).


“Technically, RCIA is not really meant for baptized Catholics, but is sometimes used in parishes that do not have the resources to catechize them separately.”

Thank you for your replies so far- but pertaining to that quoted statement, I should ask my parish if there are any catechizim classes available, insted of RCIA?


The RCIA classes may actually be a good thing for you, but since you are already Catholic, you should not have to wait a whole year to go to confession (children go to confession when they are seven years old!).

You could ask your priest if there are other classes, but my guess would be the answer will be no if that is where they have placed you. Could you ask your priest about the possibility of going to confession now and then continuing classes?


I agree. Definitely talk to your priest and go to confession now.
The priest will help you through the confession since it will be your first one. You have been baptized as a Catholic already, there is no need to wait. You can receive the Sacrament and continue your RCIA class for education.


That’s wonderful that you want to go to Confession :slight_smile: I suggest talking to your priest too.

Until then, you can maybe pray the Act of Contrition… this is what I am doing as I’m waiting to be received into the Church.


God bless!!


Thank you Monica- this is what I was looking for, as a ‘prayer in the waiting’ type thing. Its just hard to find a program to enroll in now, as I live 15+ miles from a RC church, and my work schedule (tues-fri 4pm-2:30 am) isn’t too condusive for finding free time in the evenings.
Thank you and God Bless!


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