Replacement Theology on Family TV


Dave Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries on Family Vision TV was denouncing the Roman Catholic Church this morning.

He is appearing to make a claim that RCC claims that the Jews killed Jesus.

We all know that is a stretch.

He made the argument that Bernard of Clairvaux was an anti-Semite.

He is trying to sell a book on the topic of RCC and replacement theology.


Bernard of Clairvaux may have been anti semitic at some point in his life. But, he could not have been so as a Saint.

Obviously, Mr. Reagan does not understand Sainthood or just failed to discuss the matter on his program. To do so would probably be bad for book sales.


actually some do and did claim that.

who did kill Jesus? the Jewish people or Pontius Pilate?

its a valid question


A lot of these folks, due to having no rich theological teachings or traditions of their own (aside from their own interpretations of the Bible), try to make up for it by instead attacking the Catholic Church.


Humans. Homo Sapien; not Homo Erectus.



  • John 10:

16 And other sheep I have, that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.


what ? do you mean


I think you are right. These folks are uncomfortable with the fact that they feel “a lacking”. They are like a bully.


I’d say that many Christians who travel to Jerusalem come back to the U.S. and say they were not treated well by the Jewish.


how is that relevant? in any context


If you don’t know who killed Jesus, you need some more training.

Maybe start a new thread about it.


The State of Israel has tight regulations designed to keep a lid on Terrorism. Anyone who goes there needs to be prepared for some intrusiveness, Israel’s fears are well founded based on past incidents


you started a topic, stated a well known opinion that was held pre vat 11. Which is one of the great things vat 11 did,
then you went right off topic, talking about how christians returning from jerusalem run around saying how badly they were treated,

and now. you play fox?

I believe you have an agenda here.


I must say, USA has some pretty tight regulations, try getting through the airports. The international ones. In my experience, if one travels with a sister in a habit, one gets waived through no questions. If one travels in civvies so to speak, one gets stopped and searched at every check point.


read the history of the opinion held of the jews in some pre vat 11 catholic enclaves, and what vat 11 actually did about it.


which hint, the one where you state your agenda?


Then why do Catholics from Bethlehem come here once a year and we learn that they are persecuted?


I call BS. total BS, considering my Priest just came back from a three month pilgrimage and is full of wonderful stories of his time and the people he met.

Not one mention of being persecuted for being christian, let alone a priest!

have you ever been to the Holy Land or are you just repeating second hand stories

Oh and not one person I have ever met or heard, that has been to Jerusalem , has returned with any down hearted out of luck, about being persecuted.

they have come back with wonderful stories and memories and photos and experiences of being where Christ walked


You’re saying that Bernard of Clairvaux was a saint during one part of his life but not a saint during another part of his life. Is that the conclusion you have drawn from your research?


Most of us here who are religious know that saints are not saints at conception.

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