Replacing hymn with Ave Maria in Liturgy of the Hours

A friend of mine who is a part of a religious order said that it is suitable to say a Hail Mary instead of the hymn in the Liturgy of the Hours since it is the Angelic Salutation. Just wondering if this is permissible. Thanks!

I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, particularly in private recitation. You do know that the Hail Mary is a hymn, right, and that it can be sung as the Marian antiphon to conclude Night Prayer as well? It can be used as a hymn at Mass, so I’d say for these purposes it can be used as a hymn as well.


I know in the Benedictine office which was before VII there are specific night antiphons for certain seasons. Also, in private recitation I don’t see why you couldn’t. Your not praying in a community and it is a private devotion.

Thank you for the responses! I’m not musically-inclined so I have no idea what the proper melody should be for the numerous hymns that are in the Hours. Typically I just recite the hymn. I do however chant the Salve Regina since I am very familiar with that. Thanks again!

I am not musically inclined either, I usually pick a simple tune from a hymn from church, and use the tune from the hymn at church and sing it at home with the words from the hymn in the book. It’s kinda fun:)

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