Replacing the 'No meat on Fridays' Penance?


My Priest told me the other day you can replace this discipline with another suitable penance on a friday.

Would something like saying a rosary for someone’s intentions suffice?

This is the UK by the way, I dont know if it applies to anywhere else?


I would imagine that it would depend on the nature of the penance. There must be some exceptions though - I mean it’s no penance for a vegetarian to adhere to the traditional no meat on Friday penance! For me, it’s quite difficult as I really like meat, though fortunately I’m a fan of fish too! I’m not sure if saying a Rosary would suffice as a substitution. There are three aspects of Lenten observance - Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving; so I think you should really try to give up some food that you like to cover the fasting aspect - I don’t think doing three times as much praying really makes up for not fasting and giving alms! I personally have to work on the almsgiving side of things…


yes, almsgiving is the toughest and to be honest it often slips my mind. but i dont earn a great deal anyway so i rarely find myself with spare change, if you will, so giving to charity and the like is hard for me.


My dear friend
A rosary is fine.
God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


My fish is cooking as I type this :wink:

I just wanted a backup for those days where I may eat meat unwittingly, then not know what to do in place of not eating it. Thanks everyone for your replies.


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