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When I try to reply to a topic from my cell phone, the only thing that happens when I click “reply” is the little thermometer looking pointer jumps around. My phone or anyone else have that problem?


What browser are you using? I use Chrome and haven’t had problems.


Somwtimes that happens on my Kindle.
When it happens I have to shut off my Kindle and restart it. When I return to the
thread my reply is still there in the reply box so I just hit reply or send and it works.

The webmaster told me this happens because their software is not supported by Kindle or doesn’t support Kindle.
Fortunately, it doesn’t hapoen very often.
When that happens, I can’t even cancel the
reply…nothing works.

Also, if I make a mistake sometimes and go back to correct it, it will make a space between the last letter and the new letter.

For example, if I type lettet and go back and change the last “t” to an “r” it might
look like this - lette r. So I have to erase the whole word. Sometimes that happens a lot and other times it never happens.



I constantly have an issue occur in Android Chrome browser where the screen seems to hang up during a reply and I either can’t get out if the typing box to hit Reply button and post it, or else the Reply button simply doesn’t work. I have to reload the page a couple times to fix this.


Yes, constantly. I thought it was my phone. Once that blue thing shows up, and hops around I know I’m pretty much done.

I have to close CAF and reopen to refresh. I have grown used to it.


Just hit below the preview button. That takes you to the preview. Scroll down (the scrolling is a necessary part of it, it isn’t just to see the button) and hit the Hide Preview. It fixes things for a while. (Sometimes a short while, buy at least you don’t have to retype your whole post.)


Thank u, I’ll try it. :slight_smile:


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