Replying to comment on church and alter boy abuse

A guy posted this

“Why hasn’t anyone brought up the Catholic church and their alter boys? But yet, Catholicism is a “doesn’t matter wait crime you perform as long as you tithe and ask forgiveness on Sunday” sect.”

He was replying to an article talking about Christians being quick to condemn gays even though the bible says to stone people who divorce.

When folks refer to punishments for sins in the Old Testament, always nice to remind them that when Christ established the Church, He provided it additional authority- the authority to forgive sins. Hence, the Catholic Church could exercise the authority to forgive sins vice punish them.

Kind of agree with the point that the Church could have handled the abuse scandal far better. Various bishops relied too heavily on the belief that offenders could be rehabilitated. Concern for organizational reputation over justice for individuals-- like the public school system today, seems almost every day is another story of boys abused by female teachers. Ironically, the reputation of the organization is hurt worse when the truth comes to light than if they’d handled the incidents in a straightforward manner when they occurred.

I agree.


Tell them they spelled “altar” wrong.

The Church was lax in its response to the sexual scandal concerning minors and clergy.
I think many did not put emphasis on how serious the problem was even though it was only 4% that is serious in regards to such an honored and powerful position.

In my diocese part of the problem was the archbishop who was homosexual himself.This may have been true in other dioceses too.

I am not certain what branch of the hierarchy had authority to deal with it,but it seems they failed miserably.

I believe we have corrected the errors though and are moving on and have better programs to address misconduct , lawlessness ,and manipulative behavior.

A very good point. I think the “good ole boy” coalition felt for too long that these stories about “heterosexual” abuse of boys was just a “first notch in the victims bedpost.” This type of abuse does just as much damage as any other child abuse I promise you.

Female sexual abuse of boys/ teens should be villianized like any other criminal act. It does do potentially lifelong damage to it’s victims. I know first hand what it does. It kills me how people go on and on about one aspect of sexual abuse and complexly ignore others.

Tell them the Church can walk and chew gum at the same time; i.e. the Church can teach that divorce and sexual immorality are disordered. Altar boy abuse has nothing to do with whether or not divorce or some sexual actions are disordered.

I find that most people who bring this topic up aren’t angry so much that priests did bad things but that the Church hierarchy tried to cover it up. Most people can be lead to reason that it is indeed a small minority who did these acts, but what they have trouble accepting is why the Church felt the need to shelter and protect and cover up the acts of this small minority. This is why people get the impression that the Church is complicit with clerical child sexual abuse. There’s really little I as a Catholic can say to that than “the clergy involved in those cases made a grave mistake.” A mistake is a mistake, regardless of who committed it, and so now we’re living with the consequences.

The clergy involved in the cover-ups should’ve heeded Christ:

"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open." (Luke 18:17)

**“What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.” ** (Luke 12:3)


A guy posted this…

“doesn’t matter [what] crime you perform as long as you tithe and ask forgiveness on Sunday…”

This is surely not true.

You cannot deliberately and freely sin with impunity, treating God’s offer of forgiveness like some sort of “hall pass” that can be taken for granted by simply faking your pre-planned repentance at church on Sunday.

…then going off and happily sinning all over again.

This is the sort of fake Christianity which I would expect from someone who didn’t actually believe in God - a closet atheist pretending to be a priest.

Atheists in the Pulpit: Clergy Who are Non-Believers
"…Membership in The Clergy Project has increased ten-fold in just a few years. There are more than 600 members. This indicates that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of atheist clergy."

…rather ironic that so many internet atheists become enraged at me for pointing out the “closet atheist” clergy fraud scandal, when it was actually prominent atheists like Mr Dawkins and Mr Dennett and Mr Barker who first declared (gleefully) that not every priest was in fact a REAL priest.

Maybe they have joined the dots and realised that slandering catholic priests with polemic slurs about closet pedophilia probably wasn’t such a smart thing to do if in fact those pedophiles don’t really believe in or fear God.

It just sickens me, always has, that there is even such abuse within the Church. It’s disgraceful, and reflects on the entire Catholic religion as wicked. The abuse is wicked, and I just have never understood why it should even be taking place. Especially when, within the Church, priests, bishops, etc., have vowed a life of celibacy. So perform sexual abuse? It just sickens me…

Speak for yourself.

The actions of such filthy people does NOT reflect anything but their own wickedness.

I am not ashamed. I’m proud of the Church.

Hundreds of thousands of clergy and religious people give their lives to serve God (and us) and they are not to be slandered or tarred with the same brush as the closet pedophiles and closet atheists who fraudulently take advantage of an innocent, trusting Church hierarchy.

So don’t! OK?

We don’t condemn gays. We announce that their lifestyle choice is simply immoral.

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