Report: 85 percent of female Marine recruits failing combat job tests



Women don’t belong in combat.


That is easily fixed. Do what you have done in your Universities. Drop the pass rate required to just below High School Pass level. I have no problem with women fighting over me, I meant for me… Used to it by now…




And the other 15 percent are transgendered, right?




I love this website. It just never disappoints.


Are you saying that universities had lowered the bar so that women would be accepted?


They certainly lower the bar to get diversity. There is no dispute about that. For example, Asians are often required to have higher SAT scores than Caucasian applicants.



People are not aware of the factoid. Some Asian students have been accused of being not as capable academically as white students but got accepted because of affirmative action. Uhh, no.


Universities have also lowered the bar to woo star high school athletes for their athletic programs.


When it comes to affirmative action, our country’s politicians have written the book on it. They have effectively created vote banks out of every conceivable “backward” caste (whether they were truly historically and economically backward is a long, tortuous story) by promising “reservations” (we call it “reservation” here, not “affirmative action”) in terms of education and employment. We’re even supposed to have 33-50% “reservation” for women in Parliament, not because politicians truly believe in women’s rights or issues, but because it will look good to women voters. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s reached a ridiculous point where even traditionally prosperous castes, such as the Patels of Gujarat, are claiming “backward” status so that they can get a share of the reservation pie. :smiley:

Also, it’s an endless source of income to our bureaucrats, who can give you a “community certificate” - a proof that you belong to a “backward caste” - for a suitable fee, paid under the table of course. :wink:

So when I read these threads*, all I think is, “You guys are lucky your politicians haven’t copied ideas from ours!” :slight_smile:

  • this is made more interesting by the fact that if you are Christian, you lose caste benefits in many cases. Not that I needed them, it just meant that I had to work a bit harder. :smiley:


What exactly is a combat “job”?


They mean a combat MOS - Military Occupational Specialty. The Marine Corps is instituting physical qualifications for each MOS - the same for both men and women. Most of the issues are related to the so-called “load bearing” jobs, infantry, artillery, combat engineers. Men are much more likely to meet the physical qualifications in those kinds of jobs, but some men also fail to qualify for the load bearing jobs. Where women are physically capable they are given the opportunity.


So you’re saying they lowered the requirements for white people because there were just too many asians students?


This is exactly what will happen. Some have already said, “Well, then we need to examine why the standards are what they are.”

But a M240 or a mortar base plate weigh the same no matter who’s carrying them.


I am not sure of the reason for their discriminatory behavior towards asian students. University administrators are one group whose behavior I have never been able to understand.


Having had to work with them for the past two years, I can’t say I understand them much better. :wink:


This is the case in California universities.

University see diversity as good so too many students of the same, ummm, ethnicity would not be diversity. That is the reasoning behind it.


Neither do men.

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